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Oklahoma! Worksheet PRINCIPAL CAST : Curly McLain Laurey Williams Aunt Eller Will Parker Ado Annie Carnes Andrew Carnes Jud Fry Ali Hakim (Peddler) MAJOR SONGS: Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’ Surrey with the Fringe on the Top Kansas City I Cain’t Say No People Will Say We’re in Love Poor Jud is Daid The Farmer and the Cowman Dream Ballet All ‘er Nuthin’ Oklahoma! 1. Definitions: a. Reprise – pronounced “reh-preez” – used extensively in musical theatre – a reprise is a repetition or return of opening material later in the composition. Example: sometimes used to end a song or as scene change music. b. Vamp – it sets the tone for a musical composition – often occurring at the beginning of a song, and sounding very different than the song itself. Vamp is typically a few chords that move back and forth or around in a cycle. Vamps are often repeated within the song (aria) as an interlude between parts of the song and connecting bits of dialogue or to accompany stage business and transitions. c. Rodgers and Hammerstein utilize vamps during songs like Shiny Little Surrey to connect the singing and the dialogue between Curly and Laurey. They also use Reprises at the end of scenes and as scene location transitions. 2. What was the name of the play that Oklahoma! was originally based upon? - Green Grow the Lilacs 3. Who is the Composer, and who is the Lyricist for Oklahoma!? - Composer: Richard Rogers - Lyricist: Oscar Hammerstein 4. Who was the author of the original play that Oklahoma! was based on? - Lynn Riggs
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5. What year did Oklahoma! premiere on Broadway? - 1943 6. Who was the original director of Oklahoma!? - Rouben Mamoulian 7. Who was the original choreographer for the original stage production? - Agnes de Mille 8. This same choreographer had attracted the attention of the composer/lyricist team with a ballet that was written for what composer’s work? HINT: the ballet was to a symphony called Rodeo . - Aaron Copland’s Rodeo 9. Why is this musical the second great book musical after Showboat? - First expression of a movement toward the integration of dialogue, song and dance. 10. What lyricist turned down the opportunity to write the lyrics to Oklahoma!? - Larry Hart 11. The show premiered in the midst of what war? - World War II 12. True or false: Oklahoma! was seen by thousands of America GIs right before shipping overseas to fight in the War. - After they came back?**** 13. The 1998 London Royal National Theater revival of Oklahoma! starred Hugh Jackman. Who directed this production? - Trevor Nunn 14. Who choreographed this revival? - Susan Stroman
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Oklahoma Worksheet - Oklahoma Worksheet PRINCIPAL CAST...

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