CRITICIAL RESPONSE - Anandhu Nadackanal English 102...

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Anandhu Nadackanal English 102 Prof.Walker January 28, 2010 Critical Response Paper In his essay “Heroism and Paradise Lost ” William R. Herman argues about the portrayal of heroism by the characters of Paradise Lost . Herman argues that “One of the problems in reading Milton’s Paradise Lost - the determination of who is its hero results from our own vague understanding of what constitutes heroism and of what qualities are to be associated with the heroic character”(13). According to Herman’s argument there are two kinds of “basic and contradictory” heroism- Hellenic and Biblical. In order to support his argument, Herman first defines the qualities and characteristics of a Hellenic and Biblical hero before applying those to the characters in Paradise Lost . First, Herman examines the qualities of a Hellenic hero. Herman says that a Hellenic hero is mostly associated with qualities such as “individuality, self-determination, and physical courage that endure alone against what seems to be ineluctable odds” (13). Herman classifies the Hellenic hero as someone who posses immense physical strength which cannot be compared to anyone else. Herman says that with these qualities in his hand, the ultimate victory or defeat is determined by the Hellenic hero. Herman states that although a Hellenic hero possesses immense
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CRITICIAL RESPONSE - Anandhu Nadackanal English 102...

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