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Chem Midterm Index Card

Chem Midterm Index Card - the mole is the unit used to...

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the mole is the unit used to count particles*the use: avogados # to convert b/w amount in moles & # of particles* solve: prob convert b/w mass, amount in moles and # of particles using avogados 3 and mm* the SI unit for amount is called the mole(mol) a mole is the # of atoms in exactly 12 g of carbon 12* scientist use the mole to make counting large # of particles easier* the # of part. in a mole is avogados #. Av# is 6.02214199 x 10^23 units/mole* the mole used to count given # of particle, whether they are atoms/molecules/ formula units, ions, e-, or building blocks *the mole is just one kind of counting unit: 1 doz= 12 objects, 1 hour=3600 sec, 1 mole=6.022x10^23part* counting units are used to make converson factors* the conversion factor of factor label 6.022 x 10 ^ 23 part. 1 mol = 1 or the inverse *all conversion factors are = to 1so u can use them to convert amoung diff units *u can tell which conversion factor to use because the needed conversion factor should cancel units of the given quantity to give u the units of the answer or the unknown quantity*any factor- label can be written two ways mm= find atomic mass of the element in g & X it by the quantity of the element mm = g atomic mass , g molecule mass , g mas
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