Chem Midterm Index Card 2

Chem Midterm Index Card 2 - Absolute zero-lowest...

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Absolute zero- lowest temperature that can be reached, -273.15 C or 0K Density -mass of an object divided by its volume; can be used to identify a substance International System of units -system of units that is an extension of the metric system. Joule -basic unit of energy in the SI; equal to 1 newton-meter Kelvin temperature -SI temperature scale with a zero point of absolute zero The Metric system- decimal system of measurement used internationally; basic units are the meter for length, liter for volume, gram for mass, and Celsius degree for temperature Significant Digit -digit in a measurement that is certain, plus one digit that is an estimate Volume - amount of space that an object occupies Weight -the heaviness of an object, a unit (lb or kilogram) of weight or mass Conversion factor - fraction having a value of 1 that is written from a unit equality and is used to change a measurement from one unit to another Dimensional analysis -technique for converting between units by using the numerical between the units Biochemistry - chemistry that deals with the chemical compounds and processes occurring in living things Chemistry - is the study of all substances and the changes that they can undergo Inorganic chemistry -chemistry that deals with matter of other than plant or animal origin(like mineral) Organic chemistry -study of organic compounds, which in general are compounds containing carbon Chemical property - characteristic of a substance that cannot be observed without altering the identity of the substance Compound -substance that contains two or more elements chemically combined in a fixed proportion Distillation- the process of purifying a liquid by successive evaporation and condensation Element -substance that cannot be separated into simpler substance by a chemical change; simplest type of pure substance Energy -capacity to do work or transfer heat Heterogeneous -mixture in which the particles are not uniformly intermingled and has visible different parts Homogeneous -mixture made up of uniformly particles and does not contain visibly different
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Chem Midterm Index Card 2 - Absolute zero-lowest...

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