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Lab Report Chem 2 - Lab Report Lindsey Aronoff November 9...

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Lab Report Lindsey Aronoff November 9, 2005 Period 7 M & M Radioisotopes A Model of C-14
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Lab Report Purpose: In this investigation the purpose is to mimic beta decay by using a model. Safety : Safety goggles are optional in this lab. Don not eat any of the isotopes until instructed to do so. Dispose of all wastes as directed by the instructor. Materials: 1 package of king-size skitlles, paper towls, calculator, plastic cup, graph paper Procedure : 1) Work in Groups of 4 or 5. 2) Place the 4 or 5 packages of skittles into a plastic cup. The skittles will represent C-14 nuclei 3) Shake the cup of skittles and carefully empty them onto a clean paper towel 4) Separate the skittles that are S’s up from those that do not show an “S”. The “S” represent C-14 nuclei that have decayed 5) This step above represents one half-life. 6) Record the number of Skittles remaining after one half-life in the data table 7) Return the unchanged skittles to the plastic cup. Repeat step 3, 4, and 6 nine more times Data and Observations
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