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urp paper 1 - away to walk they don’t bother to look left...

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Lindsey Aronoff 9712-9984 Paper #1 Everyday, pedestrians find obstacles getting to where they need to go. They should have the right-away, but sometimes cars don’t obey this law. Some stoplights are literally five minutes long so it takes twenty to thirty minutes for students to get to classes if they have a class in the classroom building or in norman right off campus. People riding bikes or scooters can even serve as danger risks to pedestrians that walk along a pathway they are given without looking to see if a bike is coming from one way. Some suggestions to make the City of Gainesville safer for pedestrians include getting rid of bike lanes so bikes are treated like people instead of riding along cars and to increase ways to travel faster to classes on campus without having to cross roads cars travel on. Bike lanes have been created to make bikes and people into two separate categories. This has its plus and minuses, but when people see the white pathways on which they have the right
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Unformatted text preview: away to walk they don’t bother to look left or right to see if a bike is approaching. This has resulted in many injuries. People on bikes should be treated as normal people who walk. They should cross at the white pathways and cross at the crosswalks. Removing this bike lane saves lots of people from becoming injured making it safer for pedestrians in the City of Gainesville. Pedestrians have to wait at crosswalks and for cars to pass and when they are in a rush to get somewhere such as class, they don’t have the time to wait. This impatient quality of some people causes them to cross at the wrong time. In order to make it safer for pedestrians there should be a way to get from one point of campus to another without having to cross any streets whatsoever. Creating a tunnel would help solve this problem like the tunnel on 13 th Street. This way, cars can pass freely and people can pass freely without hurting each other....
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urp paper 1 - away to walk they don’t bother to look left...

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