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entrepreneurship essay 1 - Lindsey Aronoff There are three...

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Lindsey Aronoff There are three different business personalities to every start-up and I believe the manager position resembles my personality the most. Managers are detail oriented who like to plan out every step before they take action. I start my morning by making a to-do list of everything I want to accomplish by the end of the day. I estimate how long each task will take. Creating these lists would help me in becoming an exceptional manager. My company would stay on target with the goals we want to achieve and wouldn’t stop working until all tasks are completed. In high school, I was president of a service organization called Key Club. It was my job to divide the tasks among all the members. I created an agenda each week of the matters that would be discussed. I also put on fundraisers, such as car washes and bake sales to raise funds to help our club go to regional convention. Our club wanted to stop starvation in America and we mapped out a step-by-step plan of how we would accomplish this. Showing this plan to people in the community helped us receive donations. Like managers in real life situations, showing investors a plan helps get capital funding for your company. Managers know they must raise funds and get all the resources they need before starting a business. All the pressure was placed on me to make sure everything went smoothly within Key Club and if anyone had a problem I would fix it. A manager’s salary is based off how much control they have. As Key Club President, I wasn’t making any money, but if that were a paying job I would have the highest salary. Another characteristic of a manager is their organization skills. They set up the entire structure of a company. One day I plan on starting my own accounting firm. It will be my responsibility as a manager to find coworkers who I can trust and who are hard workers. I will be the one to set up policies within the company. An ethics code will be put in place. It is my job to assign team leaders in order to keep the company organized and efficient. In addition, the
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entrepreneurship essay 1 - Lindsey Aronoff There are three...

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