Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 March 24 Groups and...

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Chapter 13 March 24 Groups and teams-increasingly impt organizational and product management tool sometimes get to choose team-may be a good or bad thing, in work you don’t get to choose virtual team-not all in same location (fully online class never meet colleges face to face, work online, over phone, to get project done-technology lets us overcome barriers -lack of context worst thing about virtual, not knowing emotion or body cues, need to Constantly focus on being more literal (understanding part) Cultural diff may not be apparent when working virtually Certain things you can achieve with teams that you cant achieve individually No single individual who can design a car from start to finish on their own Impossible to have one expert, so necessity for teams today Users group, use windows, macintosh, groups-not necessarily doing the same task Team-more special purpose have skils business world-tech guy, more purposeful in achieving Specific task or job Not mutually exclusive, can be apart of more than one team
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Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 March 24 Groups and...

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