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Chapter 15 Management - Chapter 15 Management Communication...

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Chapter 15 Management Communication one of most important things managers do How will do you become better listener, writer, speaker-indicators of individual success Encoding can also be a math, statistical message, or encriptyed secret message, translating into Other languages Feedback can also showing that you understand what is going on, like reading back an order or Confirmation that what you heard is what you actually heard Rich medium for something that is complex Semantic barriers is true in cross cultural matter, words in English mean something diff in londo Personal barrier is an accent, deeper voice, annunciate, takes practice to know your language Don’t hold info by not telling others, Sender barrier-has a message but afraid to voice it Slide 12 Don’t be afraid to speak up if you don’t get(receiver) or understand(decoder) the message*don’t Confuse on exam Cross cultural –feedback barrier say yes when they have no idea what your saying, barrier can be
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