Entrepreneurship essay 2!

Entrepreneurship essay 2! - Lindsey Aronoff Everyone has...

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Lindsey Aronoff Everyone has the ability to become an entrepreneur. We learned in class that there is no correlation between IQ and creativity. There are some people who have more creativity than others and have the ability to generate a thousand ideas a day, but there are other people who can increase their brainstorming abilities through practice to come up with creative ideas. Both of these types of people can start a successful career as an entrepreneur. As Professor Rossi mentioned in class, one of the key ways to brainstorm more is by minimizing distractions. Some of these include putting the computer away, turning the television off, or turning your phone on silent. Distractions are a major problem for me. When I have a huge exam approaching, I try to sit in a quiet area to focus. After ten minutes pass, I get sidetracked and spend hours on Facebook and then it becomes bedtime and I didn’t even review the first chapter. One time, I had a group project to create a how-to manual for my technical writing class. My group went to the library and sat in a circle to discuss potential ideas for our manual. The only problem was half of the people in my group were using our cell phones to text friends and weren’t paying any attention to help brainstorm manual ideas. My dad knows I am currently in entrepreneurship and visited me in Gainesville this past weekend. He asked me what new business he should develop since he wants to bring in more money for our family. He thinks I am the creative one in the family, but I told him he is creative too and can learn to become an entrepreneur. In order to think of unique business ideas himself and find an opportunity, I told him the first step is to brainstorm. This helps generate a large quantity of ideas. I learned in class that the quantity of ideas is better than the quality of ideas in the brainstorming process. I also told him that he should think of business ideas while taking his morning walk because exercising releases idea generating thoughts. Some other advice I gave
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Entrepreneurship essay 2! - Lindsey Aronoff Everyone has...

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