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Lindsey Aronoff Group 15 Fin3403 Discussion Board Number 1 “U.S. Hits Immigration Law” This article describes how Obama and his administration have filed a lawsuit against Arizona because their state government passed a strict immigration law making it illegal to be in the state if you are not a U.S. citizen. This conflicts with the federal government because states don’t usually pass their own laws about immigration issues. While some are against this new law, others feel that Arizona was helping to enforce the federal government’s rules on immigration. Arizona’s main reason for creating this law is to stop immigrants from Mexico from entering the state. I am concerned this issue is further breaking our country apart. Instead of being divided on issues where the Democrats viewpoint contrasts with the Republicans viewpoint, I think all parties should come together in agreement to fix issues that will make life better for everyone as a whole. I agree that immigration is an important issue, but I think that improving education and decreasing the amount of people sleeping on the streets at night with no food both take priority over this issue. Immigrants shouldn’t be able to come to the U.S. because they take away jobs from U.S. citizens thus increasing the unemployment rate here. They also bring their culture and traditions across the border that might clash with ours. I don’t agree that if for some reason they do make it across the U.S. border that it should be a crime. Police shouldn’t be able to search random people and look at their immigration status if they are suspicious of them. That would give them so much power and hurt innocent people who look suspicious, but might not be an immigrant at all. I believe if immigrants do make it across the border, authorities should just send them back where they came from with a warning or America should create better barriers to avoid this problem altogether. We have Hispanics and Latinos that do live in our country and they find it offensive that their families across the border are not able to have the same opportunity to come to America for freedom like they did. Some places are ruled by a dictator and they don’t get to enjoy the same freedom to make decisions like we do. I think in the end the federal courts will side with the federal government and Obama’s administration. I believe Arizona’s new law will soon be unconstitutional, but the federal government will still work hard to find a solution to this issue and try to make everyone happy in the process. They will receive some backlash from people who live in Arizona and others that do support the state’s law. < KEYWORDS=arizona+immigration>
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finance discussion board 1 - Lindsey Aronoff Group 15...

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