Marine Review 2 - Review Sheet I Vocab 1 Capillary Wave A...

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Review Sheet I Vocab 1) Capillary Wave - A wave for which the restoring force is the surface tension of the water. 2) Convection - 3) Bay of Fundy - located in Nova Scotia, has a funnel shaped entrance and is the most extreme tidal range in the world up to 50 feet. 4) Coriolis Effect - The apparent deflection of the path of winds and ocean currents that results from the rotation of the earth. 5) Diurnal Tide - 1 high and 1 low tide each lunar/tidal day. It occurs in the Gulf of Mexico, Panhandle of Florida, Aleutian Islands, and Pacific Coast of S.E. Asia. 6) Ebb Tide - Receding tide, outgoing water 7) Episodic Wave - Usually high waves, reach 100+ feet and is intersection wave trains with changing depths and converging currents. 8) Fetch - Distance the wind blows in a single direction. 9) Flood Tide - Rising tide, incoming water 10) Generating Force - Things that begin a wave. Wind most common, Objects moving through water like boats and animals, Objects dropped or thrown into water like landslides, and seismic activity like earthquakes and volcanoes. 11) Gravity Wave - Restoring force for most waves-large waves 12) Longshore Current - Occur because of mass transport of water towards shore, water builds up at shoreline. Water moves parallel to shore and flows along the beach. 13) Mixed Tide - Semidiurnal tide of 2 unequal high and 2 unequal low tides per tidal day. They are on the West Coast of the U.S. and Florida. 14) Moon Phases - 15) Neap Tide - Pull of moon and sun work against each other, tides of lowest range, and periods of 1 st and 3 rd quarter moon. 16) Plunging Breaker - Forms a crashing wave, steep beach slopes, fast ride for surfers, on West Coast of U.S.
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Marine Review 2 - Review Sheet I Vocab 1 Capillary Wave A...

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