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Lindsey Aronoff Period 3 Vocab 1) Acanthocepaian - 2) Annelids - A segmented worm belonging to the phylum Annelida. 3) Bilateral Symmetry - A type of symmetry in which body parts are arranged in such a way that only one plane through the midline of the central axis divides the organism into similar right and left halves. 4) Cephalization - The concentration of sensory organs in the head region of an animal 5) Chemoreceptors - A sense organ capable of detecting changes in the chemical composition of an organism’s environment. 6) Deposit Feeder - An animal that feeds on bottom sediments. 7) Echiurans - An animal that belongs to the class Echiura in the phylum Annelida. Also known as a spoon worm. 8) Epitoke - The pelagic, reproductive individual formed by some errant polychaetes. 9) Errant - An actively mobile polychaete that has a mouth equipped with jaws or teeth. 10) Fertilization - The process in which a male sex cell or gamete fuses with a female sex cell or gamete to form a zygote. 11) Gastrotrichs
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