paper #2 - This would let cars and trucks pass freely...

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Lindsey Aronoff 9712-9984 Paper #2 The traffic on Archer can sometimes take you anywhere from a half hour to forty-five minutes to get where you need to go even if it is just going for ice cream with a friend. Two main things cause congestion the most which are the large amount of buses and also the amount of traffic lights there are surrounding campus. First of all, buses take over the roads which are good for our campus because they provide a means of travel for those who don’t have cars. They also arrive frequently so you can make it to class on time from your apartment. The bad thing about buses is that whenever they stop at a bus stop which is every few miles, all the cars behind them have to stop as well. This causes a backup of cars who are waiting for the bus to continue forward and you can’t just go around the bus or you will get a ticket. To ease traffic congestion in this way a separate part of the road should be created where buses can go to and all other cars cannot.
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Unformatted text preview: This would let cars and trucks pass freely creating a continuous flow of traffic with no congestion. The other cause of traffic congestion is the large amount of traffic lights on and around campus. When you have 4 traffic lights separating each other by less than 5 feet and one is green while the other is red and right when that turns green the next one turns red, this will definitely cause traffic congestion. They should eliminate some traffic lights and create four way stop signs for the places that aren’t as busy all the time. Also, the traffic light stays green one way for a really long time, but perpendicular it stays green for a short time. When there is a back up of cars and the light stays green for a short time, then all the cars will not go through at one time causing an even greater backup of cars. Traffic congestion is a big part as to why we are always getting to places late so we need to fix this problem to make life easier for everyone....
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paper #2 - This would let cars and trucks pass freely...

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