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conference fund - Student Cultural& Diversity...

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Unformatted text preview: Student Cultural & Diversity Programming Fund Guidelines and Restrictions Guidelines for Student Cultural & Diversity Program Funding: Eligibility: Registered campus organizations or official student governments Maximum Award: Purpose: The maximum award from this fund is $1,500 for any individual program. An organization that puts on multiple programs may submit an application for each of its eligible programs. These funds will typically be awarded to offset facilities costs for on-campus programs that provide cultural education to the campus community or work to enhance the campus’ diversity (e.g., culture shows, youth conferences, yield events, etc.). Criteria: Restrictions: Criteria for funding are content-neutral. To be eligible for funding, a program must: Be held on campus; Be student-initiated and student-managed; Provide a direct benefit to the UCLA community; Demonstrate clear goals and thorough planning; and Adhere to University policies, campus regulations, and established procedures. A significant number of UCLA students must be involved in planning and/or participating in the program. Participation must be open to any interested UCLA student, without an admission fee. To be eligible for funding, at least 70% of the audience/participants should be UCLA community members (i.e., students, faculty, staff, or other active BruinCard holders). Funding is provided for specific programs/projects only; it is not provided to an organization as a general allocation. No funding will be provided if alcohol is served at the program. Student Cultural & Diversity Programming Fund Application Prior to completing an application, please review the attached guidelines and restrictions A limited amount of funding is available to assist registered campus organizations and official student governments in offsetting the costs of facilities required for their on-campus cultural and diversity programs....
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conference fund - Student Cultural& Diversity...

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