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Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine  Issue #1  November 18, 2010 Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine Letter From the Editor for CCM. I implore all of you to  take advantage of this  opportunity to make new friends  within the club. The greatest  part about CCM is its ability to  bring together the finest  students on campus under one  roof, so make the best of it! Now welcome to  Chicanos/Latinos for  Community Medicine  fall  2010!  Volume I, Issue I Contents 3-4 2 Introducing the 2010 Board Letter From the Internal Coordinator Of the CCM at UCLA Welcome everybody to another  great quarter with CCM. Its fall  quarter at UCLA, and CCM is  up and running again! With  volunteer events in new locales,  a new board,  and upcoming  social spirits are running high  for this quarter . Already I’ve heard praises  about the volunteer work we’ve  done, and I have to say I’m very  eager to volunteer with all of  you in the future, just so I can  witness that CCM spirit at  work! This semester there will be  many new faces in the crowd  C         C       M 5 General Meeting 6-8 Projects 8 Membership Requirements  _____________,  Newsletter Chief Editor
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Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine Issue #1  November 18, 2010 2 Dear fellow CCM members, I hope that each of you had a productive summer, and that you are ready for a new chapter in your life. As the president of CCM, I welcome you all to the CCM family. I would like to congratulate you for making the right choice and joining us this Fall. CCM takes pride in acknowledging the excellence of our members. Our pre-health society promotes, recognizes, and fosters scholarship and educational attainments among students. It also provides an educational, while entertaining, approach for students to become successful leaders. Through my membership in past quarters, I have gained unforgettable experiences and I’ve developed my leadership skills by running the evening meetings and organizing our trip to the CCM Health Conference. These experiences empowered me to become a more successful student and leader. For that reason, I ran for the presidency in order to share my talents with fellow CCMers. During the course of this quarter, one of my
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Example+of+CCM+newsletter -...

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