LAT_on_Asians_in_Library - When students' controversial...

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3/27/11 11:26 AM When students' controversial words go viral, what is the university's role? - Page 1 of 3,0,5935228,print.story advertisement,0,2970965.story When students' controversial words go viral, what is the university's role? A YouTube video by a UCLA student and an email circulated among USC fraternity members quickly spread off campus, illustrating a challenge for school administrations. By Rick Rojas, Los Angeles Times March 27, 2011 The Web never stops and it never forgets. On a recent Friday night, a UCLA student posted a video on YouTube. The young woman made the video, in which she complained about and mocked Asian students at UCLA, the day after the Japan earthquake. She took down the clip within hours of posting it. She was too late. By then it was being reposted and remixed, taking on a life of its own. By that Sunday, it had come full circle. UCLA officials watching the situation unfold noticed considerable surges in traffic on the university's Facebook and YouTube profiles, said Phil Hampton, a UCLA spokesman. People inside and outside the campus community were urging the university to do something. The incident this month — and the way the university responded — illustrates the challenge that universities face now that the kinds of comments once scrawled on bathroom walls or passed around in class can be blasted out online, instantaneously, for the world to see. Larry D. Roper, vice provost for student affairs at Oregon State University, said the long reach of social
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LAT_on_Asians_in_Library - When students' controversial...

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