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Unformatted text preview: Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering ECE 2B University of California, Santa Barbara Winter 2011 Shynk H.O. #10 EXAMPLE MIDTERM EXAM INSTRUCTIONS 1. This exam is open book and open notes . You may use a calculator. 2. It consists of 3 problems and is worth a maximum of 80 points. The problems are not of equal difficulty, so use discretion in allocating your time. Answer all questions in any order. 3. Show your answers in the spaces provided, and use the back side of the exam pages if you need additional work space. Show your reasoning and the essential steps clearly and concisely. Last Name, First Name: Scores: 1. 2. 3. Total: 1 ECE 2B Winter 2011 1. TIME-DOMAIN CIRCUIT ANALYSIS (30 points) The switch in the RLC circuit shown below has been open since t =- . (a) Write a (forced) differential equation for the inductor current i ( t ) for t 0. (b) Find the characteristic equation and specify the type of damped circuit. (c) Write an expression for i ( t ) for t 0 (using the appropriate...
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example_midterm - Department of Electrical &...

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