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ECE 2B University of California, Santa Barbara Winter 2011 Shynk H.O. #2 LAB INFORMATION Lab Supplies: Before starting Lab 1, purchase from the ECE Shop (HFH 1160) the following supplies (about $50) which will be needed in addition to the parts kits for each lab: soldering iron (30 Watt), soldering stand w/sponge, solder (rosin-core), needle-nose pliers (optional), wire-cutters/strippers solderless breadboard (2390 or 3220 points), wire jumper kit (optional), and tool box (small or medium) (optional). Also purchase a Lab Notebook as described below in the next section. You won’t be allowed into the lab unless you have this material which will also be used in subsequent ECE lab courses. There are seven labs in this course. Before starting a new lab, read over the pre-lab material in the lab handout and go to the ECE Shop to purchase the required package of components. You only need one set of components per lab group for each lab. Should you burn out or otherwise render inoperative any of these devices, you will be required to buy your own replacement. The ECE Shop is open 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. Instructions for the lab experiments are outlined below. Be sure to read about the lab report requirements. Lab Notebook:
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