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Unformatted text preview: We are doing our presentation on emory and its commuter options. Emory is committed to its role as model of a progressive, sustainable, 'green' campus. Members of the Emory community are encouraged to work together to re-examine their modes of commuting and consider modes that share all or part of the ride with others. Emory has an extensive commute options program includes: • • Providing free transit passes on the city’s MARTA transit system to staff. Establishing the “Cliff” shuttle system, which is the second-largest bus system in metro Atlanta. Every month, some 240,000 faculty, students and staff ride this 100 percent alternatively fuled system, which powers half its fleet on biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil from Emory’s cafeterias and hospital. Developing a bike program in partnership with Fuji Bikes that features a free bike share program, provides mobile bike repair stations and offers discounted bikes for staff and students. Bringing a car share program, FlexCar (now ZipCar) to Atlanta as its first customer. Launching several park-n-ride facilities at area shopping malls around the perimeter of Atlanta. This partnership takes vehicles off the roads while at the same time curbing the need to build new parking lots on campus. • • • Emory hen nulichengwei de zuo ~~~~ e s ¸ ¶õ ª Emory Ø ê , ¶ Emory V e Marta m mEmory È ó Ø 2006 e e Emory á ¶ 7[ ª * ê±E ¶ ª* Marta e e e i¾ é ¹ ª * i @ ë Emory ¸ ¶ õs ª * e ÷xs ¶ ª * gùkè, Ø , FlexCar(m ZipCar)x ÷ s ¶ ª 0 . m m x ÷ s ¶ª 0 jiē Dê e x ÷ s ¶ ª 0 e Ø zhěng à ê , ¶ ª 0 Ð é± E xìtǒng “Cliff” m . x ÷ s ¶ ª pínlǜ e , m m ,m , m 24,0000 m ,m jí x ÷ s ¶ ª 0 e tì x ÷ s ¶ ª 0 . cháiyóu e Ø e Emory Øê D pēngtiáo x ÷ s ¶ ª . x ÷ s¶ª Perimeter 2 7[ ¶ª 0 s ¾é ¹ª0 x s ¶÷ ª 0 e Emory e D park-n-ride m m Øê s m m Cliff” m m “ àê D ¶ ª 0 Øê m Ð é± E Ø m ¶ Ø êD mEmory ...
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