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Classics of Odes

Classics of Odes - Classics of Odes The Airs are folk songs...

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Classics of Odes §The “Airs” are folk songs telling of the joys and sorrows of the common people in their daily lives. The “Airs” include a wide-ranging of topics and themes, such as folk customs, love, marriage, work and war. §The “Great Odes” are dynastic and court poetry, dealing with political and historical subjects. Most of the Odes are legendary accounts of the founders of the Zhou dynasty, or military campaigns taken by the Zhou rulers. §The “Lesser Odes” also includes pieces not focusing on the Zhou court. §The “Hymns” were ritual and religious songs used for sacrificial rites dedicated to gods and ancestors of the Zhou court and feudal lords. §feng (the Airs), §ya (Odes) §song (hymns) §fu (narration/direct presentation), §bi (analogy/simile), §xing (affective image/metaphor) Lyrics of Chu § The Lyrics of Chu consists of late Warring States works from Chu, and works written in the same tradition in the early Han dynasty. it was compiled in the first century A.D.
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