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Project 1 notes - Writing poetry commentary/analysis or...

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Writing poetry commentary/analysis or reflection whatever 1. pay attention to unusual words or connotations 2. Identify examples of poetic devices 3. Mark lines which most directly speak about the meaning of the poem. Format 1. Say what you believe the poem is about 2. Discuss the imagery how much does poet contribute himself to the imagery There are a lot of similes that involves flowers Angelica, ORCHID , mangnolia – they are portraits of himself, his attributes, and other his attractions. He also do simile himself with bird (25 th stanza) 3. Discuss the structure of the poem. And how does this structure contribute to the meaning of overall poem? a. Roughly equal meters between two gaps – Translated from Chinese which has xxxx xxxx, xxxx xxxx form, and it seems like the poem tries to maintain such structure. 4. Discuss the voice of the poem. How does it change throughout the poem? Although it has been translated into English and the voice can be a little altered, 5. Conclusion – write your personal thoughts. Longest poem It has many views about this poem from different people due to the fact that they interpret the title differently Wide range of metaphor Shamanistic elements such as divination and presence of spirits Actually mentions about great shaman as follower: Peng and Xian, 19 th stanza. 1~2 Stanzas: Expresses the she-ti stars as human being; personification The poem deals with Qu Yuan’s desire to remain pure and untainted by the corruption that was rife in the court 1. Introduces his name and birth date in relation to his ancestors. 2. He focuses on his name on how noble it is: His name means Godly Poise 3. Praise himself about his appearance Transition – Praise himself -> lamenting on the swiftness of time 4. They fled swiftly from me . They refers to all the good things that he
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Project 1 notes - Writing poetry commentary/analysis or...

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