CHN 301 Syllabus 8-23-10

CHN 301 Syllabus 8-23-10 - Emory University Dept of REALC...

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Emory University Fall 2010 Dept. of REALC Chinese 301 Chinese 301: Advanced Chinese I Class Meeting Time: Section 000 MWF 10:40-11:30 Cox Computer Classroom - 230A Instructor : Ho, Wan-Li, Ph.D e e Office: Modern Languages 118 Phone: 404-727-4014 Email: [email protected] Office hours: MW 1:00-2:00pm or by appointment Course Description: This is the first course in a series of advanced Chinese classes designed for students who have successfully completed two years of college level Chinese and who are not heritage speakers. Students with equivalent preparation can also enroll with the permission of the instructor. The course is designed to enable non-heritage speakers to master advanced-level Chinese language structures, expressive styles, and conventions. It also aims to help students’ understanding of Modern China through exploration and discoveries both inside and outside of the classroom. The class will cover communicative topics on Modern Society, Short Stories, Idioms and Popular Rhymes, and Dining and Music Entertainment. Through a close study of a variety of texts, we will work towards developing various skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. One of my teaching goals is to integrate environmental concerns and activism into foreign language courses. The aim is to increase student awareness of environmental problems and the methods people are utilizing to confront these issues across the globe. The materials and podcasts that we will use in the classroom are all based on primary interviews with native speakers of the language. Transcripts and educational based activities have been created to accompany the interviews. These things can be considered authentic language material that will increase your listening comprehension, reading, and writing skills. By the end of the semester, students are expected to have grasped the grammatical structures, vocabulary and idiomatic expressions covered by the textbook, and to be able to 1
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express themselves accurately and appropriately about common cultural concepts and social changes at a formal level. Texts: 1. Discussing Everything Chinese, Vol. 1, by Li-li Teng Foti, Rongzhen Li and Yu-lin Wang, 2007 (MyChineseClass LLC ) 2. Environmental Protection and Animal Protection, by Wan-Li Ho, 2010 (supplementary material) 3. A Chinese-English / English-Chinese dictionary (Students are strongly encouraged to get one for reference.) Blackboard, LearnLink, and the Language Lab 1. We will use Blackboard ( regularly to post course-related materials, including: • This syllabus • Information about the class • Detailed lesson plans • Access to textbook and homework audio material • Supplementary course materials • Links to additional learning resources
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CHN 301 Syllabus 8-23-10 - Emory University Dept of REALC...

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