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Unformatted text preview: m-=~ ~Af1~rm~Ji17( Let's warm-up with a review exercise! ' M ac h th e w ord' Ch arac t ers WIth p 'DYln an d E gllsh : t SID nr I ~)C I9JJL~n &~ mif 1~!JE ~.1f:~ t¥yiji ~JTI~ ~J:: -1f:~ =1f:~ -=1f:~ -1f:~ =1f:~ =.1f:~ *±~ 1G~ ~~ l!~ ~$ =1f:~ ~-ll ~-ll ~-ll ~-ll ~-ll ~-ll ~-ll ~-ll !P mttr WTi; tJUA 1P13JZ :tR;f~ *~ 1. chuantong 5. IflshI 9. shehui 13. xiangshou 2. gaIbian 6. mashang 10. sihu 14. buxing b. f. j. n. to be willing to as i f to j oin to change c. g. k. o. 3. guannian 7. nongcun 11. SUQwei 15. yuanyi farming village so-called immediately concept d. h. 4. li6xing 8. que 12. wanqu3.n 16. jiaru but, yet completely unfortunate fashionable a. e. lawyer society to enjoy 1. m. traditional 1. p. 25 I 1. x1i'5.-:-. I 2. I 3. 4. 5. (Jl\~, ~~: ~M, tr~, j i):J: ~i3::E, .~, tx.H, m ,tt., ~~ ) fl], m~. 3t¥AL :WXm, Jt~) I 1. I 2. I 3. I 4. I 5. A l ]) 5. ~~:.~~~, • • ,ft., ~*, ~M ji):J: ($T$T, iJ;1{M, f±~, f1f;JE, ~J{\~, a~, ~~, X;J1:5-= I 1. ~):J:.~, I 2. I 3. I 4. I ~~: ~§A,~,~, &~, ~M,~~ ttm,.MQ~, ~.,m2,.~,~ •• ~~, • • , ~~,fH,#~, ~~ ;fl~~i5-§I~rD]lI: 1. "[email protected]~" ~ft~? rr{$1f=*, ~ft~~mltU~1'fD]JIJtMc*IlM? 2. {$1\[email protected]"tIT/j'M1I¥J-JEW*~1~~T1fnq? ~7 *f~*1f~*1f~5'~, ~ t+ I¥J [email protected]'tIT Ij' M1£~xxif!! ? tt ;fl~~i5 =rru~ I'D] II: 1. crOOI¥JAl] fD]~~Jf-t~~lfEPJJt(Yindu)l¥J~mIlM? 2035 iF~)§, ~1'tIT {£lfTiJ"ga~~? 2. crOO, ~Att~M~wa~~~A~~M~3a?~tt~? 3. crOOAl]~lf.®~~?cr iJ;1{M~~.7tt~? ;fl~~i5=rru~I'D]II: 1. " fJN-" ~u "~" ~? ~ft~? I fft ~ ~ - +-+? x11ii ltL ) L~ ~ ~~ I¥J 1111,*, ~ }.\.):(ifll ~ 2. X;Ji'5 cr I¥J ~ }.\.}.\.J)Mrr ~ ft ~ *fJi.$? !lIB I¥J ) L-1- ~U) L-1-1¥J}.\.}.\. ~ tt ~ ~ ~t+1~? 26 1. [email protected]~~.m~~tt? ("I!Q:Jl]f" c an be translated as " oh" o r " oh my dear." I t is a Chinese interjection used to show surprise. Sometimes the surprise is followed by worries o r frustration). ~.liltf{~1tf?8<1~1"~8<1ffl~! O h no!( I j ust realized that) I gave him a wrong instruction ~., **8<1m P [!PJ! Wow! What a downpour! ~., 1$~.z.~~OijEl!f! Dear me, how can you stay up till this late! 2. [email protected][email protected]~~M, ~m8<1fi~~~1"I~~fr~? r~ tr~" c an be tagged to the end o f a statement o r a suggestion to form a rhetorical question. This sentence can be translated as "why d on't they find another kind o f job?") ~ i~1tf?~im ~r3tijj 1'ciJ ~fr~ ? Do we have to send him o n the diplomatic visit? iIt.~~~~~~~MI~,~fr~? m'l? .~. l;).~r, it I like working for the National Basketball Association. Is there something wrong with that? 3. ~-m, tE~ff ~1i\UIt* lJ.i 8<1, - 1" Ji :;tfl~.$d>~P[!PJ? ( When we use "~i3l" in front o f a question, we may have an answer already and need the listener to support our opinion, o r w e may feel that it is important to hear the answer from the listener. The sample sentence is the former case, the speaker doesn't think waiting tables in the restaurant can make good money, and he wants the listener to support his opinion). 1tf?g~~*~-1"*A,~tE.*MT,~-m, 1tf?R~~~1tf?8<1~*~? His mom was the only person he had in the family, and now she passed away. You tell me, how can he not cherish the memory o f his mother? 1tf?~~~a~~., M*~ft1tf?B<J~~, ~-m,1tf?~1"A~~~~~? H e always buys himself clothes and never cares about his wife. You tell me, is he selfish o r not? 27 ~~: .. ,e:~~,~~~ -"-. ~~:!-~!;~.!~~~.!l:~~~:~~~~}~f":(F" 1{,1;H a nd may b e u sed e ither t ogether o r s eparately). "'~k- fi~a~~~~m~~~, .~.a~~ L uckily m y k ids a Ten't t hat mischievous~ o therwise, \ w ould h ave a l ot m OTe t rouble. •• ~~To 1m 1ft:: x t1:l :if W 7, itT ;tEJd9: JJ He had a car accidentyesterday. Fortunately he i s alright 0 ~.*ma~~T,.~.a~R-~.~~o I t is great that you can come to help. Otherwise, I definitely w ouldn't b e able to finish it today. 6 . . . .. , £JJ~iR.a~~ T ("~jjIJi.#."means " not e ven to mention." I t is used to explain o ne's point by giving a further comparison). 0 A: f~jfiF$£, ~*¥f~-1-~f B: -1-~fB~~~aitT, J!jJtliS~:VJ31-T A: You are still young. You should consider having one more child. B: One child already makes m e b usy enough, not t o m ention two. 0 0 ~¥f~a=Ra&ti~~~*~, J!• • ~RTo E ven i f you give m e three more days I w on't b e able to finish this book, let alone t o finish i t today. 28 4. -ijSHdim, @{$~ft¥f$fi, ftili~P.Lt~~jr8~~Alij5~, ~M, otJEo ("i!:J! ¥!lm" is used to continue a conversation by showing acknowledgement o f a previous statement before bringing out a different point o f view. I t is usually followed by "ffi:J!, ~i:L :J! .... " . I t can be translated as "You are right, however . .. "). nr A: t ij.:J! 1- tJ~ -z. 7C~k l¥J A , 1t!?iil fijft 1fJJi<ili.ii! B : -ijS~lim, {Bft~~J£jJtij., ft~~1-~~-F- ~l¥JAo A: Lei Feng is such a selfless person. He is worthy o f everlasting respect. B: You're right. However, I d on't want to become Lei Feng. I want to be a practical person. 0 5. M~ft:J!~OOA, ~~~ftBB~~~R~ftmm, ~~ft7o C':tLttE. .. , ~~~?!.\ ... " means "fortunately/luckily . .. , otherwise . .. " . "MtE" and "~~ ?!.\" may be used either together or separately). M~ftl¥Ja~~~-z.~~.~~~ftl¥J.~~~$7o Luckily my kids a ren't that mischievous; otherwise, I would have a lot more trouble. 1tBli'F}(I:H:tfWi 7 , M~A~~L He had a car accident yesterday. Fortunately he is alright. {$~*mft~:tLt7,~~~ft~}(-~.~~o I t is great that you can come to help. Otherwise, I definitely wouldn't be able to finish it today. 6. . . '" 1!jjtl~ftM::M:: 7 0 ("~§3IJ~"means " not even to mention." I t is used to explain o ne's point by giving a further comparison). A: 1$jf~$£, ~~¥f~-1-a~ B : -1-a~Bg~~fttt7, 1!jj'J~Wi1-7 A: You are still young. You should consider having one more child. B: One child already makes me busy enough, not to mention two. 0 0 {$¥f~ft=}(ftili~~~~*~.1!m~~}(7o Even i f you give me three more days I w on't be able to finish this book, let alone to finish it today. 28 "*' A}lR1Y! 4=- itL~ 1ft =- ~ ra ved 7. t:p 00 ll&Jf.ftl!Hd1l1J.1! , {$~llj!!, t:p 00 I¥LA. [:J * $ 7 ("¥i1J.¥!" means "to have no choice" or "there is nothing I can do about it." "t!?" o r "t!?£" here eases the tension o f an accusation o r confrontation). 0 a~j!!a.{$~~~.~aM{$~.~, matl!m1J.1!~o I know that you are unhappy about me sending you to visit that village, but you know that I have no choice. 8. ~~~~, t:pOO~~~~~~.~.*.~.o used as a cohesive device meaning "to continue like that . .. " or "to go o n like that." Sometimes you can use a verb in front of"~~," meaning " if the action continues like that." (":1.3:fff ~" can be t4lt4l: ~~: jj~f%< r JZ.~{$ 7 ~ ? n,Io ~~~~~~fi~?{$~.~~~~! t4lt4l: Elder sister: Did the kid kick you again? Younger brother: Yes. Elder sister: We c an't let things stay like that. You have to tell the teacher. (In the car) {$J3tlM~ 7, ~~~~~, -JE~I±l$:fIj}~o Stop drinking. I f you keep drinking like that, we will definitely get into an accident. ~to 9. •*~Nt!?~~t:pOO, H~~~r~ll&.~o ("~" here is a modal particle used at the end o f a sentence to indicate that one is n ga expecting a confirmation o f his conclusion or suggestion from the listener. I t is pronounced as "10," like the sound combination o f"7" and "~" ["~" pronounced as " aw" in "saw"]). ~~{$rrT=~~~{$fi~~, .*{$£~rr.*~~~~~! He called you three times and you didn't answer. I t seems that you a ren't going to answer his call. lone A: jj~a~tLWWt~H~! B: ttfPE, ! A: Well then, I 'll leave next week. B: Alright. A: jjIHtJ\£~~~~~a~! B: a¥ii3ia~~~o 29 A: So, you are not willing to marry me, are you? B: I didn't say I am not. 10. A: ~.:E, Ilff~f1F1fJ*)L-=f~ 7 ~WViji1.\t~*, ~~ 13 .1¥J~ttf1F)L-=f$$ 7n~? B. ~.~~$ffft~ffl? (" ff ft ~ ffl", is a type o f rhetorical question meaning "what is the use o f it?" You can also say ..... ffft-i.~," meaning "what is good about it?" Finally, you could also use "ffft-i.~+ verb + de.") A: f1FJiil~re~ffmD~o B: re~ffmD~ffft~ltf? ft~~.-~:tt:-~o A: You should save your money. B: What good is saving money? I j ust want to spend every dollar I make. A : ftM:t.fIJf1Fff}J : !i(shangliang)- ~ ~ Ill] ~ B: ffft~ltTiftjil:B9? f1F=1~f!B~~i'R:JE7~? A : L et's discuss this matter. B: There is nothing to discuss. D idn't y ou already make a decision? 0 0 r ~*, ~**TJj~H~~:9-J;Ao ( "-r Jj"is often used in an imperative sentence in conjunction with "~", "fW' , o r "JJIJ". T he word "liT" is often used before Jj" to emphasize sincerity o r negation). 11. "-r aJ3 ~l¥Ji;ji1?;~f1FT Jj~* ! B e sure to come for tomorrow's discussion. 11!rtE7flJt~, f1FnITJjJjIJ1:~! H e was joking. Do not get angry, please. ( If not in an imperative sentence, desire o r w ish about something). "-r Jj" is used to indicate the speaker's earnest a*m~~~*TJj~~m, ~~~ftill~~~ili~lJt7o I so wish i t w ouldn't rain this weekend; otherwise, we c an't go out for fun. f t*l5t7, 4'~TJj~"~¥}:i8.iU7 I have to go now. I really c an't b e late again today. 0 30 12. :l!~ ("~~ -m*" is used as a cohesive device. It can be translated as "according to what w,*. w,*. ftB 11'] FJIJlB /f' ~ [29 Xnt!l~ ~ ~? you said . .. " o r "so, in that case, . .. " . What is stated after "~~ iSG.*" is a conclusion or estimation based on the information given earlier in the discourse). :l!~ /j'*/f'~-1'~:t~o In that case, Xiao Li wouldn't qualify as a good husband. ~d i ~'You can also use b ~ ~Ji:~~ IR ~ 1i;ffiijj I l1T 1f 7 Wi ~ Z fa] ~X>t~ /j'7*: :l!~ lEz;iJ9?tX>t;r~3t*iSG.~1[l~~~! / j'*: w,*, Q Xiao Li: The Chinese and American Ping-Pong teams' mutual visit started the dialogue between the two countries. Xiao Zhang: So, I guess I would say athletes are also important to diplomacy. e. 13. jJI~~tr? 7-J7Itt:J1)t/f'~~T, ~f$~~~~$~ff~iJ:A~~Q ("Jj~$~rr" means "that is unacceptable" or "that is not ok" . I t is a strong negative response). k~~, .~a.M~-&.~ nz;.t&7 •• ~.oa+=~~*, ~1I']~.a Q B: jJI~~tr, ~&H9il0~~):rru~*o A: Mom, this evening I will watch basketball games on T V at my friends' house. "~" , o r I will be back at 12:00am so you needn't wait for me for dinner. B: You can't do that. You must be back by lO:OOpm. negation). 14. ft~, ~f#.~) LT1tB ifJM- ~iSG.-mo ("a." is a colloquial expression meaning " I think". I t brings up one's opinion, estimation, or suggestion. When you use " ft." you are a little surer than "ft~J;t"). ft~, ftB/f'1l~1'ji9i&:~~T 0 I d on't think he is a mischievous child. ~1'~~~~m~.~.~,.~, am~~~reUm~ftB7 ~er's earnest I d on't think this old man's life is that poor. We had better not donate the money to him. ~rfun. 31 O~~~:.ffl~n~~~~~~~~~o~ffl~w~r~ ~rliJli: ~Jl~! j ···/F1TIl!b? ~/F?i.\ ... j j ~i$i, ..• j i~ :1iH9Jti , l!ffF~, ... j " ', £JJIJi3t ... tLf:tE···, L ···tBHd~1J-lij l!~i$i*, ... j ... ~ :fftt~XX? j f Jjj ... j jjIS~~ff? j ~:H' ... A-1$t\t~#JXmm/[email protected]~:ff~tfHf~ B-~iA7-J#JXmm:ff~t~rr~&tt~/FtLf 2. A-1$ [ffJ ~ 9=J ffilllYX U~ I¥J A r.J l YX Jfi B-~]X M 9=J ffilllYXKf I¥J A r.J l YX Jfi A-~~iJ:~~~J]:iH~1'j(~SiAl¥JtLftxt ~~~AI¥J_*, /F.m~~j(~A 3. 32 m~HII:$t ~+h~2, ~®~~~*~mmffl~, .~.M~~OO~., ~ I~'" IE ~ ~jf ~3{j /J'}jt;jJ , ~A~~ ~ ¥:l:t!1 ]g<)¥:3{j ~ {111 ~~ 00 11i!)Em t.L ~}j~1'- ~ 1-\: , ~ ,. 1'-**~~£00.; W~, ~A-g.~~A*, • • ~~~ A*OOM~o~~rr**~.m$, ~**~*~~~.~~OO~~~. =.+-~~i300~~, i1i~$IJ~~~~, ~ IE~AOO*±~:l:t!1w:-/r#, ~~®~~A~o~~*, ~.M • •• ~~~o~~~~*~~, tB ~IE • fi3{j"~A~m~~~"OO~~o~~IE~~~~, &~:l:t!1~~~~00 ffi~, tB&~~A~~AOOffi~o~~~~OO~~~, ~IE~A~~A­ ~,.~ft~, ~A~~ffl~o~A~~AM~00.~~~.rr.7o a.*~~m,m~OO"~~A" ~~IE~~~~~£[email protected](~ $~tt~»-~~-~m~~OO-~!)Err: ~lEoo~~.~~~~&~g ~~lI!OO~~~~.1?~A~C!10~itgrfj, 1t~iP), ~ 7tZlm+hir#,~~ ~'lio 1 l#i lJi ding to stand up to; to carry on the head; measure word for hat !El :Y: f'i~ rm -$ iiLK I i! l' I tF Tlt , fIHB1tBrm/Fi3:: 11tB~J:rm T -t-Pt<o 1 -rmq;-=f(maozi) 0 0 33 1f;..::..~ ± AJI~ Jjjf.:f.. itL~ i!!:"R.. shijl runO ziizhi zhengqu qu{mli chan century women to organize; organization to fight for; to strive for right (n.); interest to tangle; to twine; to bind ~ 1·-w:~c./~ 1-ill!c./~~u 7 ~ 1-w:~c./1:.1-ill~c.rF 1-ill~c. 2 3 4 5 -t!He. -kill*, tA~ **. m -f-Jfi. ~Jfi. ~5t tci ::tz,JtB1flltci :9: 1~~ ilUR N i1:: ~ mH~ -1-~:l :9: ffi iJJ1 tci:9: f~'1I. f..-'/\:::r 1:. m'/\I~ m'/\ 'IJ F'" • ~ - J[;~ f'tJ f'1J ft! ~ J«;& ;fIJ 1 J« 3f ~ frtJ 1k 1 ~ J« ~ m~ ~~1ffrtJ;&;fIJl:9:AfrtJ;&;fIJI 1$~ 6 7 ;f,J -t';f'J 1Jt • ,e.~ 11;&;fO is: t.'f flf{ 0 is:[email protected]! ~(shengzi-string, cord) 8 9 ,~~ renshou shiifU to endure; to suffer; to bear to fetter; to constrain; bondage; rigid control times; era; age fJ!I tE -:Ide JL 7 1i3: 1J< ~ Jt Jiw It. [email protected]! :r fJ!I tE 1t!!.:~ 1:. 0 1~jj /J\ )]ttl frtJ :9: A fe, ~ if. tJ 1j{J ~ /F!if B':J 141 fe, ~ 0 0 /F7/j{J~/F{±: * i: -*-~ -*-~ g ~~ };fHm. /F 7 0 M! 0 1 1t!.r~JH~;jt~ ~Jfnm.T 11~;jtfrtJ*~/*£!frtJ Ii *t!;lJ f#fat1~/.:e7l*at1~/wfj::at1~l)( f t .k 1ti frr a t 1~ 1 at 1~ I ~ (~uAn~chAn~)lat1~~ii.H(zazhl) 10 B1-1\ *-1\ shidai J1 12 " • -!t ;fJ1.;l] qu -!t to marry a woman; to take to wife once; in case; now that (said o f a woman) to marry; to marry o ff ~ T ~ 1-**0 11eM!~[ill*/~ M!:",** J\!.ii~ M!t!~'-1-11tl;A 0 yidan if: ~t4 j iit IM!~/F ill ,*0 litB1E.:9: JL~~ 7 - 1-W yiP 0 shlwei 1eI:fJ.ll ... tm 1i1 (see grammar section} property; assets to commit a crime to punish; to penalize; punishment J\!.ii~ n 14 15 l)t f ~e.~ ~~ Ii. ca\chfm 1- AMf"'1011.l RtMf"'1 ~j;tt 0 lU!.1i~tt~ ~e.~ fanzui chUfa ~l! 7 1~.ifi: frtJ 1fI! 0 1jJ A:Jt m 1fI! frtJ ;tJL 9.l:.f.l At-§:l ~HiJ i3: 1-1J< 1is: 1J< ~ :fJ.Il :t; yiP ~ til I is: 1J< ~ ~ XI] 7 : t; YiP frtJ ~ 0 :r 0 1.' 0 I ~o rllj g ~~ oW itB =A /F ~~ :tf t4! 34 ri!'i l *" 16 A.jjLt~ 4=- itL~ I f;.=. ~ f-" f-" ~1iL ~e1!L pingdeng equal; equality ijr:mi9J1 • ~3(~~/~~EJ(Jm~/~~EJ(JJ::. *1.IJl~ EJ(J :l:Il!.1ll/~ T*O fij:z raj ~~~EJ(Jo x: 17 diwei r1lt/4Jt IfY. ~ status; position (in a society, a family, an organization, etc.) to thank; to acknowledge; thanks (n.) the Communist Party M aoZedong to be particular about; to pay great attention to to oppose; to be against; to object to to oppress; to repress; oppression landlord; landowner fanner; peasant to encourage; encouragement to accept; to take; to receive to educate; education t?: i1f :l:Il!.1ll1 ~ »! :l:Il!.1ll1ftt!. tE 0 iiJ EJ(J :l:Il!.11lq~ ~, m.tE~!I!1)tft~:l:Il!. 1llo ~ W3: I j' 1:; ~ ~ fn }.: ~ 1W r r ~ i I*,JI f1F1)t ~ 18 ~itf ~$ ganxie ~M-nJfEJ(J~! I~F'ffi'~~ff$l¥J#J 1~X>tftt!.ff1M.~I:Bl¥J~Wo I ~xtftt!.~F'ffi'~W *13: WJo 0 ';';'d! ~JtJI.I *r?t ~it# * J.l:t ~i't. • /~'l' Gongchan dang Mao Zedong jiangjiu ftt!.~ -1:; ~;n: 5t m 0 ~iHtf /fc? ~ 19 iJf1i: 20 ~.i<f "*1(. &.ft 4:it! ~.t. tIL fHJt~.!M ~/~I!l¥J ftt!. ~ ijj: 1{: IlZ ~ I ~ 5J ~ ijj: 1{: :1J 7! IIlZ jffi ~ ijj: 1{: ]J.1=. 0 * 0 0 '1f:Ift~/)( ~(z8zhi) I I tandui yapo dizhu nongmin ftt!.&X13( )L~~Jj~1't<.fi A I 0 ~~&X1f$l¥Jit:l(}l 0 1~ r- ;fpJ 21 I!.:i! 22 23 24 ~.i.. ffi ill ~ ~ l¥J AI ffii§Jj~ l¥J lE ~o ]X X>t ~Jj A l¥J ffiilllX>t!El3( l¥J ffi ill k~[i11~/~ :R~ Jt~ I.~ Jt£IJ gUll ~ 1W l¥J 1lHwlHiJJJh ~ T 1f a 1M. i li I ~ Wf1F l¥J ~ JJJh I tE ~ ylfll¥J ~ JjJJJ 1!ItE~~ I:B iT~1'~ 25 -tl-t . tl-t jieshOu ... ~ ':J:. -1':t:L 4m (liwu)/~ ':J:. f lff I ~, ftt!.l¥J~7!1)tfflJJi~5¥: 26 ~lf ':1.:/1tlrfn~~ f it 1..J.l 4r.r;i: jiAoyu flff~T/flffm~l¥JA/}':~fl 27 l..r )d~JBm1l¥J 28 4r4t :~T~::t~1fl T ::t ~1fll¥J ~ ~:.f ~~~ It! shengchiin to produce; to manufacture; eroduction dapo to break; to smash able woman * f!i I tiS ~ T t.'H3tlB:M-l¥J fll1 1=.;n: it ~ Ihu i t 1=.;n: I 13: jffi R:: B 1=.;n: l¥J * 0 0 lilt~!Jf. re -1' ¥f T n lilt 7 I n lilt Vi: :vun ~~-1'3(5jA, 29 *~A. " *~9LA.. nu qiangren ~':='1'0iiJ l¥Jt?::@.o 35 30 ** llt;fJk <f if! chuchu everywhere; in all respects according to; bases; on the basis o f China; the Chinese nation the female sex net; internet ~ 1£ ~ ~ ~1H:r~ t t jlJ 9=J ~ 1&it!{ Co 0 1 .f1B~~Fm~* § 31 genju zhonghua nilxing wang flH1.5.f1B B<J i$H!, .. .I ~~~~~i5l0 ~~lHtH1.5 32 33 34 *.ij. ~ iB ~/~~~/~~/.f1Bf:ijAl::~/\ 1-~/J'1t't 0 1.f1B:g~1£~l::!k* 1m. 35 4ti* tigong to prov ide; to supply; to offer to count up; statistics; census official (n.) as well as; along with; and privately-operated enterprise; corporation to be in charge of; the person in charge professionals as; as if; such as iJHtHI'I WJ/~#HJ1~ I~~M B<J ~ ) j ~1ttl ~tSt~ftfn~~ru ~m A 73:0 tongji -J9i~it / ~it A 8 1 m.f1.5~ ~t, ... I~~it-r, ~ J11­ 0 A~, J11- A::f~o m/;r~5tlg m-diplomatic guanymin ylji siying qiye zhUguan zhuanye renymin l&Jtf official ~1K~iiJ/*~1KjDjm/~1K:1blt/~ lL~tSt(private school) .f1B±~~1-Tt'Fo lit~~fr]0 "r.i] B<J ± 1:f ? rm~1>iB<J/~n:K*-~ J\!.:m~ 42 4 dt 9;p t '1+ g.p kuilijishi senior accountant; chartered accountant 36 ~m~~, §n~~oo~tt~m~~~~~tt~, MW, ff~m­ .,E~$~*"[email protected]~"oo~~~~~mmooliA+~~.oo*~a ~TIl!b? ~T~~AD**, ~~.m~~~~~~ •• o ~~-*Rn~ -~~~, ~~~~~~~~~~.~~oottm, ~.~T~~, ~~. lilt~(fl~ ~iltm~m mooo~~oo~~~~.~~~-~-+li~-~o~~~., ~aw~ I ~~$F.~$o~~~$m, ~~Am •• oo~~Att~.~ftmmoo "~A -~t&.~ fJij/lo I a:¥:1f~bl nllJj~~1t~ ~·t.1Tft? @1f~bl~, ~,~A-~~.~t&"o ktiplomatic . "0.0$, .~., @-g:A, ~T4mJ9t$~, • • ~~, • • ~.~~1f~ilimm~OO"~ &~~~Ttt.OO~A~ •• M,~.o~~­ " =.YJj", JtMl!.1~j'ifljOO " t.A" 0 ~AJi:. ~Ji:..OO~T*~~?~*~m.*o ~ iliJ .tt iliJ biaomiim surface (see grammar for ""$t [l'jj J\!.m-~ 1 :") 43 g] 1lt a 1lt ;J!"rrn 1t~ muqian a t present; at the moment however careful; attentive; closely; carefully to value the male child only; to prefer sons t o daughters ~ ~ § ru (j{J t~}*m ()t/ roB § ru:iE ~lL~M1io I §ru. roB:iE~:ff ~JlIj1io ~rrn r an'er zIxi zhongnan qingnll 44 1 tM 45 1:~~* fH1B PJT Iff~ If1f1-~ 1t/ff~ m­ ~lt/ 1tBR::-1'1[Hf~ I¥.LA. :m: ~ ~:k (j{J m 1tB (j{J x: fij::m:!J:j itl 0 1:1H£* ~:ko 37 46 l*J nei kongzhi within; inside to control; to dominate; control (n.) ~ iM ZIJ A I ~ ZIJ Al¥J ~ ttll Ie, ~~ mEr~~ttl ~*~lIiJ--{/~* 71~~/jJOij!:LttE 48 . if* zengzhiing shixing dusheng zlnU zhengce youyu to increase; to grow; growth to carry out; to implement the only child policy due to; because of; in that to be or to become pregnant to be impatient to; to be eager to gender ( ii sex) to have an abortion; abortion proportion; ratio ever; once; formerly AI=IEr~~* i:&~~~U A 1=1 ~w:/$j{ff~jfVJli it~w: 52 53 ,tf!J!­ , t-f huAiyun jiyu xingbie duotai bill 17JdllJ. 1tB j~Uv 1! EET rl:I~, 1tB ~ fi~ lli "* mo J\1..ifr! tdB'PFliZli ~ flT ItdB'PFT ~1' 3z:~To ItdB:W'PFlP, ff~J:o EE t:k: 0 / ~ ~rp l¥J 0 tdB 'PF liZ ~ tk: JE ffi JJa ItdB ffi 7 0 0 ~{J\JJao ItdBre~TffiT ~ 3z: It ~~I M f I] ~ Al¥J It ~Im~ A jHj l¥J It ~gl It {7IJ f~ 1~ 57 t tl cengj'fng 1m rt'Hi: iJtct ~ WI fJ(; t t 1fJ(; ~ ~ 0 dAdao to achieve; to reach (a number, a goal, or a standard) ili 0/fJ(;~ '1* ~M B *0 j b ~iJ;lt!:~ 1f: m-(niAnling)/jb~iJ)( Hi: l¥J ~ 3j(/:1;6: ~IJ jHj ~ 7]( 3f 1:1;6: ~IJfjj m(biaozhun)/:I;6:~IJ § l¥J(mudi)/ r:p IEAl=ljb~iJ 1·'=1l. To ~M~~ 0 1fJ(;~'I*iJlMj!t-*(f] 59 P j: 60 1% M ~ yanzhOng critical; serious (said o f problems or illnesses) to cause sb. a 1~ iii ~ shang nAojin headache; knotty; bothersome j ! 14 • f~ 11: A {jJ IMi WJ / j! i d4 1jj IMiWJ l ¥J. I tdB:AI ~T J::k ~ 1jj IMi WJ 1ZIJ fjj.1Mi WJ T , ~IJ fJ1 f~ l~, 1f 1.} ¥t. 0 0 0 0 38 seqing WJe,~~ erotic; eroticism industry; profession; vocation ~tw/J'\td3./~tfirr~/~'MfH/~ffi J:!!~ ~1T~~/~tfirr~/fX1frr~/nFi ~HT~ 62 4t.:lt IIngdao to lead; leader to appear; to arise; to emerge " little secretary;" i.e. a secretary who also acts as a mistress business errand; official business sexy to accompany; to keep sb. company @! ~ J3u I¥J A/It.'t 'tfi I¥J ~ ~ I ~ ~/~~~~/[jl*@!~ ~ 64 ~.Jl. chiixian xiaomi ill JJM fciJ I II ; t ilifJY.. ~ T ftP.-1-/J'\IM, ftP. i!1-±1f1f-1-ll'\~o Ift"Wd~/:£f (,J45 : secretary) ftP.m*-Ij?JG~* ~ltt tV iF! 66 ~. gongshi 0 I f$Jire* /F 1m ill $ fA$?t1f, t£ * fAt fA $ 0 I¥J IMf~J3U 67 'ti~ jig- xinggan 68 ~tH!iJ A/!Itf j( Jill B.: ~ -~)L~;yI4!~U~ I *iffiI {,t-!Sfl f t 1=ISff/J'\Y.fl . l~mT T• r.] ~t 191] /iF! ~. 70 -t,~ wuzhif (Taiwan: wuzhi ) jingnin material; substance unexpectedly; to n e's surprise t o be willing to - r*i(ruyu = rich)1¥J IftjA; rich businessman concubine; mistress lover; sweetheart I!)t~, ft ~rej(JillB.:I¥J1:B 9=tX, f$Jt~ J ii! ~ f3j if! I¥J 4ffi;;f iA i~ ~T! f ~T * 0 yuanyi 1:&f*t2 ~ M: i! ti' I¥J 73 rushiing ftP. Wm 0 Iftj. * i I¥J Iftj A ¥ T 1F!~ 1if*i I¥JIftjA fa /-rlftj~£-r 1f1N L2J. J§ ili fJY. 0 .:::..1qj e mai qingren ftP.1f-1--fr})o f~JJ~~~~~ ~, ~~L!~fAt-1-=fr})? 74 'ft A ftP. : ;t :;t ; ;f 9;[1 »! ftP. t£ ~ i5] lI! ff 1­ tl!fAo f 2 f j 14 -%J!tWA llo ~ iU!IUlli~H! • - 11 ( , ,- 11" can be used in front o f or after the subject to form a hypothetical sentence. I t signifies that once the condition o f the first clause is fulfilled, the event o f t he second clause is expected to follow. "tt" is often used in the second clause in this pattern) . 39 ! \t-.E!.:ffT~, [email protected],~ 0 I f I have money someday, I will definitely donate some to orphans. -.E!.!\t#~T~. !\t~~~-m~~*-o Once I save enough money, I'll buy a BMW. ~=l ~ 1fJ - .E!. $1OC~tl ;&~Ij • at /F 11~ ¥f ~ ~ 11i l¥:nFJt O nce women strive for and achieve power, they will no longer be able to endure the restraints o f traditional beliefs. 0 nr m 1fl\l: T¥*~j)jG(Iaxueyuan)ljj§, (§l~IQ1Jl2I)=) 1:f.!i~:ff1t~/F-;ffn!i? • B . (A) ~pjt ~~JVGJ.il;IJ (with " ." this is a passive pattern that means that the subject B is seen as XX by A. See also L l re... ~JVGJ~pjt). ~~tt*ljj§, ~~~~*1:%~~~To E ver since she married into the m an's family, she has been seen a s h er husband's property. ±t!!l:: 1fJ~~~}tlf nX,J.:kil!:& ~~$ m(huaidan)0 Landlords were seen by the Communists a s scoundrels w ho p ut pressure on farmers. ~R~-'1'-~Jjji(piltOng)~~~, @::k%re~~nX,-1'-~5jAo (~nr lj iJl)=> • i#.jl!DIE( "i#.JI:9*" can be used a t the beginning o f a sentence o r as a conjunction in between two sentences. I t means "speaking o f••• " o r "speaking o r t hat." See also L l i#.JI:9 •.• ) i#.JI:9*. ~*~~I~/[email protected]~o Speaking o f the work load o f a CPA, it is not really lighter than the work o f a lawyer. t t*, ~~a~~~~±t!!l::~lliil!,i#.JI:9*, ~~M~~~OOm~l:. ilil~rlo Speaking o f the oppression o f peasants by the landlords, such situations appear in the history o f every country. 40 ,~ '................................................................... ~A*~~.W, *~~A~~m~, ~.N ~~~o Women started to receive education and to participate in manufacturing. Speaking o f that, all o f it is thanks to the Communist Party. ~ID*[email protected]~.~o~-~~~~A~ •• *, * A~~Jjli.=f.. ~~ jp; •• o -=- ~ •• (ill nI W. -m)= > • tE XX OO_ _Cz,.)r (This pattern is used in front o f a sentence phrase. Only a disyllabic nominalized verb may go in the blank. I t means " under t he _ _ _of XX"). tE~M~~~r, A~~~*~7r*o Under the government's control, population growth slowed down. tEA~~ ~ft~~~~~* Under the pressure o f popular objection, private enterprises now face fewer and fewer restrictions. I f)· I ~t I ••r, ••*.&o ! (ill nr w. i.#.)= > ~~~~~.~, ~~~~.~.~o • £ ("£" can be used in front o fverb phrases. "£" in the second clause shows re on that, in comparison to the first clause, the second clause is even more extreme and therefore requires no additional explanation). ~~~I~.m~7~, ~~~~M~~£~*~.o I c an't help you find a job, a nd you certainly shouldn't expect me to help you find a girlfriend. o r as a speaking ~OO~A~~N**~~&' a~*~Fo, ~~A£~~~nr~o Originally, the status o f Chinese women was not bad. After the Reform and Opening, successful women are even more prevalent. .tQ:~1fJ\1J1t0, 1!~~m~~1fJ\o o rkofa I d idn't call you, and I certainly would never look for you in your dormitory. • S J;T+Verb+OO+Noun ,(Use o f "11f" in this pattern is originally from classic Chinese, b ut it is commonly used in m odem w ritten Chinese. I t can be translated as a relative pronoun such as "what," "which," o r " that"). ns appear ~~A~11f~W~~0, ~.~tt7~? Do you remember what the professionals told you? 41 ~$_, m~~~ID.~m~~~~a Unfortunately, an abortion was the last thing that they would have chosen. { $)t *.::r- J1 P)J~ J1A'tt ly ~ ? (@J~fciJ~)=) • ~lit ("~lit" is also a expression from classic Chinese t hat is more often used in written Chinese. I t connects noun phrases a nd is used before the last o f the items to be connected). ~~IDre~, ~, ~lit~~~ffl~*~.~a Please bring books, pens, and other things that you need. f t ~ f:'2 -~ J1:1 ~*, L #fJ , ~lit jffi 3( JL 1'-:/JiX-mI have been to cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi' an. 0 {$~~~~~~, .#[email protected]? (@J~fliJ~)=) • jm ( "jm" is a n expression from classic Chinese t hat means " to be like" o r " such as." I n spoken language ,,{it" is more appropriate). Jf.jtjm t«BJifi iJl ~, ~~ ajj, ~ liT 3fft~ f:j( fA, WJJX T ::k% ~~ ~ ~ ~h.tL Just as she said, basketball players such as Yao Ming and Michael Jordan all became heroes in everybody's eyes. ~~AmjmW~, ~*~~, ~~*~~+A~~tlo Forty-six percent o f professionals such as lawyers and CPAs are female. JjISJl:b Anr~.~)]j9:!L~1fiAPM? (@J~fciJ~)=> \ • _*2._ (originally, " *" m eant " to divide" . " =*2.=" means two p arts o f a t hing divided into three parts, such as the fraction "2/3" .Notice t hat when we say a percentage, we d on't say " -8*2. xx" . Instead, we say " 8 *2. x x"). ~1'-~%~8*2.n~Au~~m~o Only five percent o f the population o f this country is illiterate. 42 The money I make is only one fourth o fthe money my sister makes. n. {$ff] ~~ I¥J ~ :f,( bt ~j ~ $ &? (@J ~ Ill] 11)=) en used st of the · *IfiLl:: .. of (~~ ...l::)... (" iii ...l::" literally means " on t he surface" and indicates t hat something only appears to be true. I t is usually used a t t he beginning o f t he first clause. "~~...l::," ,,;tt~," "{§.~," o r "~rro" usually follows in the second clause a nd indicates the reality t hat c ontrasts with the appearance). * *W...l::, ftB~-l"~*I¥J~A, ~~j...l::, ftBtE0~lJ!fll"/J\~" He seems to be a family man o n the surface; however, he is actually having an affair with a secretary in the company (literal translation: "he has a secretary lover"). ftB ffJ* iii...l:: 1~ ~ 1~HI'~, j t ~:!=[;ffJ;g ::f tg" Apparently they get along very well, but actually they look down on each other. or ~~~~;gtg*m~~, jt~~~~.tt! (ttli:iJ ~ iYl)=) to Jordan all • ~rro ( "~rro" is a conjunction more often used in written Chinese t hat means "however". We d on't have to repeat the subject again in the clause after ,,~ rro." ) ftB~I¥J~~~~~~I¥JI~,~rro, ~1¥J~$~fl~...l::~~*I¥J$o His j ob can be considered that o f a high-ranking officer. However, he doesn't make as much money as those ice-drink vendors on the street. ~e. leans two ~" .Notice d, we say ~~~:f,(a.~MTAQI¥J~*,~rro, &.*T::f&~~~." The one-child policy controlled population growth. However, it also brought a lot o f social problems. ~~.l¥Ja~~-l"~:f,(~~I¥J~~T~? (@J~IIl].)=) • Reduplication o f a single-syllable adjective (When a reduplicated single­ syllable adjective is used a) with "I¥J" as a modifier, it has a stronger 43 descriptive power a nd shows a personal [and usually positive] feeling; when a reduplicated form is used b) as a complement after ~, i t gives the adjective greater strength and vividness). a) jj~3z:f%<fJ~XX:kH~~ (That girl has a pair o f big eyes). jj~ 3z:f%<fJ ~ XX::k::kI¥JDllIIt (That girl has a pair o f lovely big eyes). 0 0 1A\1!fJ.lISJl:h1t1tlWfEJL, ~~~! Look at those lovely yellow flowers. How beautiful they are. mmIWJL+lFJ*J. t'N5VNt~5tT In as short as a few decades, the situation has changed. 0 b) 1$:Ii~j£tij.zzlW, ¥}[email protected]*o You had better go as far as you can and never come back. 1ml¥Jm!JN(pigu)1Jt~!3wHT~trtrlW 0 His bottom turns so red after being beaten by his mother. • ::k T ... , .... I ..• , :N:.::k T ... ("::k 7 " means " for the purpose of" . I t needs to be used in the first clause. However, you can use ":N:.::k 7 " in the second clause. This shifts the focus of the sentence from the things someone does to the purpose o f the actions). ::kTrr~I~nOO£~~. ~r ffi~~L~, ~£~I¥J*~o I n order to become more professional at work, he takes classes after work and learns new things. ~ if];§ T ~Q i!i f%< T Et~ t ijjlj, :N:.::k 7 n if: t1E ~f%< T ttEtJ§ ~ ffll¥J The reason w e are eager to know the sex o f the child is so that we can conveniently prepare the things the child will need. 1A\~tt~~1l~pJT:k~IlM ? (@]~fQ]~)=) * ~ 0 • EBT ( "EBT" is more often seen in written Chinese a nd means " due to" o r "owing to". I t can be used in the first p art o f a sentence to introduce a cause. When used in the second clause, it needs to follow ":N:." • W hen we use the I p attern " . .. :N:.EBT ••• " the focus o f t he information is the cause, while in the p attern" EB-T ••• , •.• " the focus is more on the result). 44 rhen a ledive ~~~~~&~, ~~m*~~m~W~To Due to the objection o f his father, he w on't be visiting China any more. ~~~m~~~.*.M~~~~fiTE~*~ o The improvement o f the Sino-American relationship is due to the practice o f new diplomatic policies. •• JJ ft 2. ff Jj~ 2. $ (@]~rciJ~)=> ~ j(f:E!ttt!(yuanyi)ti: ~ t~qfill:M!W6PM ? ~s to be ! clause. is to the ork and Ie to" or a cause. : use the Ie in the • 45 ( -) }ij 1IX.m ~JU e<J 4: iitJ ~Hi] ~ §l tit f~ I!I: ltIi!I!~m~ • • • • • • • • +hm~~~~~A~~tr~~~~A~*~~~? "Y*" "~" fHt~~-tf? "~A~~~~~"~*~ A*~ilX£~, ~~~~A~~W~F~? mi~~ "~5!1A" ~{t~? "[email protected]~"~*~.8, ~n~.~tr~~B~a~7~? ~ aM~~~~~a **~H~, ~~? A*~~~mff~"~A-~U.~~, ~A-~~.~U"~~~? *u 8? •• (=)JA/F/RJ e<JJBll(jiaodu)*i;1lB: • :~rnp£ii<~ii<~~tfHr~IlM? ~ ~~* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~5!1A JA~H*~¥J;JMi~~A ~~~f:t±:1f {~~~ t:l~ • ~t?Hr~ii<~ii<1r~1t (heta hua)? ~ Las Vegas 8"JaM1i 91 ~ 2il1f!~(AIDS)~ll~ • :±IJlB·t~qr~, ~ /J\~, ~&--.WJ, [email protected]*U~~:sr:~~**~? ~ ~** • [email protected]<~ff~~~~a.~? ~~ ~ *Jc}AtJ(8"J~ 1i** aM A ~ ~~~~ ~ -1'-~)L-=flli.~.lr~~)L8"J~A (=) ~e<J:fi~ • • 46 • • m~~~:sr:~~~~?~~A~1'-~~.~7~~~~~, A*~? ~*~~~tt, ~~*m~8"JAA~1'-~RA~?A*~? ~*m~~~, ~*m~~A~~~A?A*~? ~~Am$~A.BMI~.~~~~~**~? ( -) Ilk IJI M JJi ) (!# 1. 2. 3. 4. 1$l!;f!_~~Il!b? ~~ !v-Fo~-~iJ:1$ttmm~~m _~~~A~~~~~?~~ __A*, A*~~-~~ __~1$ 0 PJtI PJjPJj, ~~~1$_~-:t:~*jffi, :At~:t:~. 1$Jj~_tt~/J\JJtfJ~~~ 7~o 1$;if, Jj~/j\~re~ :tE~.x.mPJt ! 1. 2. 3. 4. ~1nE'l~__ JJ~~~t19fJ*tk:~E'l~~-~JJtt®l~iEJ!~tt®l~o JJi1tf:$1$~~ tk:~, E'l~;t11lJ fIl][email protected]!r~A9!tFoNtk:~o ffrrttf~~9.:l~:tE*±~~*U *~:I:tl!Ul1fl1ffW~~7l~~ 0 5. i&~7f;Q!{~~~, 9:J ffilA~l~~f~tJE.xJ\L~jf:tEmmi&1to _ _ 9:Jffi/:R;fjJf!JJ$£~~.x~~~l~F:I:. ~ttbt.x.~t!t~~~ 7 0 ( -) 1. (!!Ifill f1\4f/ 8 5f M5f liiX1 f!tjJIJ 1\11 .i/itJ/l) /j\~~ 7 JJiE'l~J!ftt~~~$, J!/j\BBi$~~~Jt:Q*, -1i:tE ~~~~ __ ~~$o~J!~~~~T~ ___~~~T~ __ ' £~ 0 n:r _ _, J!~~~_~7~T**~Jtli9l. ffiJJ!~~/J\~BJ!-~m"j§j~ ~§;nm, ~~f±~, t!:~~~)t-BJ:W~~ ~~~To :tE9:Jffi/, M~~~~m.*J!-# Jl!;f!1~. fm1fJ-tB~ m~,~1$ wn:r!V-m~ ~t~H\~o ~.Illi Ai.\~, Mf!,\i\!{Jff~E'l~ ~t~1T~. fe~J!~ A ~~1~, ~E'l~~$Ij _ _ o 47 _ _ 0 ftMn 4. ~ lW4ij:l't<Hm~ JLl' 0 f1Mn}y\*~~~)J1l t<~, fj!t<~fJ<J~m~F'~~~o mi;f], #I~llt~ f ti*, tE~tz::R:fJ<J ~~~, ~mt<~~~~ ~7~.fJ<J~~~~~0 (JIZN J/l!# .~ fFJ8/ fill ) •• .*-~, tE~JLl't<H~, ~JLl'~m~*~~~, ~m~m~*~~~~~~~.~~fJ<J ~~Jt§~~A • • o : [email protected]~,. 5. (flJlII! ill!/[ ~#lJt~I!J#lJt~/f\H !/!tiJ ::r;x4ij:~~fJI fr~~ 7~ E1 BfJ<J~TflH~HtlttffJ<J!Io/Jm~fttQ f8fm~1f ~Tt\]- Bm~_1il£., ,~, ~~ __ :lI:F~fJ<J~1f1iA~:J1HtffJ<J 0 ~.~T E1BfJ<J.*, ::r;x~m~~, ~~~n~TQ B:. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Q ($e/li..1:••o,!/!/fi..1:•••) 2. nz11JifJ<Jll1f~{$1_iflifjtl-,~, t.zo.flr-MJt§*7, ~l&~¥Ht(shou)~~ ( -Ei) 3. ~~-l'l&f~.fJ<J~~T, EBT~JlftbtfJ<JtUID, ~~~J:7J.1~~tt~fJ<J ::& ~Il (lE.o. FJ 0 70 Some American people consider abortion a crime. Once one gets pregnant, you have to give birth to the baby. In the perspective o f these people, the unborn baby has the right to live. However, some people oppose this opinion. They think that it is the pregnant woman who has the right to decide. A: Because o f the one child policy, the increase in the Chinese population is under control now. Otherwise, the huge population would strongly affect Chinese economic development. 48 '*" A~LtJi!i 4=- UL~ ~ -=- i.J. B : You are right. But I d on't think the government has the right to punish those families that have more than one child. Besides, the male and female ratio in China is now a very serious problem. J-J1 . .. , .. . / ... Ji::JJ 1 .. t£ .. ·'"f(such as in tEJl& ff;f at! 1£ittl '"f ) 1. ~OOl: llJ,& ~-f- f&ffii 1E.11J1 ... :fmJJ ... i3:frF~ m+Verb+1¥.J E13-f­ 2. 3. 4. ~~~~I¥.J~~~~~?~~~M~~f~l¥.Jw~o [email protected]~~I~, ~~JJi3:.~~f~~~~~?JJ~ ~? tE~W*, ~:[email protected][email protected]~ir~{t? .~~m-'"f~~I¥.J~~~~Jl&., ~Mi3:~Jl&.~~~W~? nant, the pinion. ~ulation is ly affect 49 ...
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