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Unit 3 DS Project Template(1)

Unit 3 DS Project Template(1) - Debt Management Total Debt...

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Unit 3 DS 3 Solutions Template- MT 217 Liquidity Ratios Current Current Assests/Current Liabilites Quick (CA - Inventories)/Current Liabilites Asset Management Inventory Turnover Sales / Inventories DSO Receivables/ (sales/365) Fixed Asset Turnover Sales/ Net Fixed Assests Total Asset Turnover Sales/Total Assets
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Unformatted text preview: Debt Management Total Debt to Total Asset Total Debt/Total Assests Times Interest Earned EBIT/Interest Expense Profitability Profit Margin on Sales Net Income/Sales Return on Assests Net Income/Total Assets Basic Earning Power EBIT/Total Assets Return on Equity Net Income/Common Equity...
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