BSOC 3011 Paper #2

BSOC 3011 Paper #2 - Katarina Chang BSOC 3011 Life Science...

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Katarina Chang BSOC 3011 Life Science and Society Paper Assignment #2—Controversies Due Date December 2, 2010 Life Science and Society is an introductory course on biological knowledge and biotechnology from a basic science and technology studies perspective. Biology is the natural study of life structures and organisms. It is no longer merely a field of science, but also plays a profound role in shaping the modern way of life. This is achieved through technology, which is the practical application of knowledge to a particular area. Biotechnology shapes personal and social life, but not in a unilateral nature. Social and political conditions also have a profound influence on biological research and its applications. This has transformed biology into a social process involving complex human interactions from the personal to commercial scale. Biotechnology has especially evolved the pharmaceutical industry. Medicine is a substance used to treat diseases at its most basic application. However, pharmaceutical research is currently subjected to corporate influences often in the form of business marketing. This controversial area of biology and society has social implications from how corporate relations affect the process of developing drugs and how marketing encourages a pervasive medicalization of health conditions. The primary source of controversy stems from the extent to which corporations influence the
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BSOC 3011 Paper #2 - Katarina Chang BSOC 3011 Life Science...

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