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RQ1_Introduction - answers should contain enough detail to...

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Architectures for Software Systems Software Architecture in Perspective Reading Questions 1 Readings: [Lattanze 08] Chapter 1 [Bass 03] Chapter 1, Chapter 2 Hints: These readings set the position of Architecture design in Software development process. What are the key factors that effects Architecture, and in turn it influences the environment that spawned it Note: When answering these reading assignment questions be concise: It will be rare for any one question to require more than one or two paragraphs of response. Rambling answers with irrelevant detail will not be received warmly. On the other hand, your
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Unformatted text preview: answers should contain enough detail to clearly articulate your answer. Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are always important and will strongly influence your grade. Questions: 1. What is software architecture? What is different between architecture design and detail design? 2. Why is software architecture important? 3. What are the key factors that effects architecture and in turn it influences environment that spawned it (Architecture Business Cycle ABC)? Show ABC for original WEB system....
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