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Architectures for Software Systems Architecture Drivers Reading Questions 2 Readings: [Lattanze 08] Chapter 3, chapter 8, chapter 9 [Bass 03] Chapters 4 Hints: These readings define what are architecture drivers and provide framework for presenting it Note: When answering these reading assignment questions be concise: It will be rare for any one question to require more than one or two paragraphs of response. Rambling answers with irrelevant detail will not be received warmly. On the other hand, your answers should contain enough detail to clearly articulate your answer. Proper grammar, spelling, and syntax are always important and will strongly influence your grade. Questions: 1. What are architectural drivers? List and describe each. Of the architectural drivers which
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Unformatted text preview: tend to have the greatest influence on design and system structure? 2. Show use case and six parts quality attribute scenario template 3. Show some possible business and technical constrains 4. What is general scenario generation table? Each team member will be given one different quality attribute among Availability, Modifiability, Performance, Security, Testability, Usability quality attributes. Show general scenario generation table for that quality attribute. 5. For the current system you are currently working on, what are the most important qualities? What are the system-specific scenarios that capture these qualities and what are the general scenarios they make concrete? [1 point for grammar and overall quality]...
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