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Yang Liu Bus 107 1/14/2010 Professor Jasso What’s New at Google? Google established in 1998 by two Stanford University graduate students, named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google’s initial public offering was $85 per share on August 2004. Now Google’s stock share is worth $600. Google spread to 160 local domains, and contain 117 different languages. Google’s success inspired us. The study case talked about Google’s unique management skills that help them to achieve success. It also talked about Google’s accomplishments and its future goals. Management skills are including technical skills, interpersonal skills, conceptual skills, and diagnostic skills. They are all contribute and essential to a company’s success. Google’s success is closely related to their management skills. One of the management skills is technical skills. By Page and Brin’s technical skills, they created a new search method. They create a unique search algorithm that helps them find most relevant result from vast information via the internet. Because their strong technical skills, it able them to create Google Search Engine. The conceptual skill of Page and Brin is the most important skill that contributes to Google’s success today. When Page and Brin were students, they were both interested in finding a best way to find a piece of information among vast data 2 through internet. By 1998, they’re developed a new search method that could help people find most relevant results first. They saw the competitive advantage compare
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to other search companies. At that time, there are no other companies used this search method. The unique search method help users search information via internet more efficiency and quicker. The users of Google Search Engine are from 10 thousand per day in 1998 to 10 million per day in 2000. And today Google has gained 77% of the total internet search market share. Interpersonal skill is another skill among management skills.
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what's new at google - Yang Liu Bus 107 Professor Jasso...

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