disc 1 - Difference between Transmission delay and...

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Network Delay 23:59 Quick Review on Network delay: Assume packets are being sent from point (router) A to point (router) B Different types of delay o A [source] ----- B [destination] o Data = sequence of bits of data o Types of Delay Nodal Processing Time for the node to check the header and decide where to direct  (inside the node) Queue-ing delay Time to wait for the other waiting packets in the queue Transmission delay [takes time to push] Time to push all the packet’s bits into the link Propagation delay
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Unformatted text preview: Difference between Transmission delay and propagating delay o Transmission delay = L/R L is the packet size (length) R is the links transmission rate o Propagation delay = D/S D is the distance between routers (points) S is the propagation of the link Example o 1 packet = 8 bits o R = 10 mb/sec o S = 3 x 10^8 (speed of light) o Assume 400 m Transmission Delay L = 8 bits R = 10 x 10^8 Propaganda Delay 400 / 3 x 10^8 1. 23:59 23:59...
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disc 1 - Difference between Transmission delay and...

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