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Privacy short report

Privacy short report - Justin Ng Privacy Case Study Short...

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Justin Ng Privacy Case Study Short Report With the advancement of the Internet in the last decade, inventors of the Internet build the application with the purpose of communication by email. For today’s everyday uses, the Internet has surpassed all perceived notions extending from uses that include web surfing, information search, online shopping and social networking. With these new Internet functions, the Federal Communications Commission as well as countless advertising companies have recognized how the new Internet possesses the new ability to collect data from consumer usage. This new collection of consumer history data is the issue at hand, as a debate between the privacy of this data begins. The argument forces advertising corporations and consumer rights to reach a standpoint where both sides have something to gain and lose. The solution to the online privacy comes in the form of a FCC Proposal ultimately giving consumers the choice to turn off the tracking on their Internet browsers, named “Do Not Track”. Their proposal would have three parts to
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