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12:03 Email First Killer App for the Internet Asynchronous Text Based Relatively long turn around time IM Synchronous (back and forth) Text Based Short turn around time Texting Asynchronous Text Based Redundancy Extra unnecessary information (but enhances reliability) Compression Eliminate (some redundancy) Data Compression Lossless compression Zip “Lossy” compression JPEG MP3 Much better compression (smaller compressed file) Lossless Compression Run-length encoding Delta Encoding Huffman coding/Morse code LZW (Lempel Ziv Welch) Semantic Compression (vs Syntatic) Better, know about data Worse, specific to that kind of data 1-949-824-5072 = 14 bytes 9498255072 (BCD) = 5 bytes Storage Hierarchy Registers- dozen RAM – GB Hard Drive Solid-state Drive Disk- Medium Drive-Machine Read/Write Head Head Crash Electronic (solid state) Faster, cheaper, more reliable Mechanical Slow, expensive, unreliable Sorting There are different algorithms to do the same thing These algorithms can have different performances Differences can get bigger/worse The more data there is to pass Source Code Human being writes  Gets converted to object code Java, HTML Object Code Final form 
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REVIEW SHEET - 12:03 Email Asynchronous TextBased IM...

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