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ICS 10 - Abstraction/Modeling • Manage Complexities •...

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ICS 10 17:30 Using Computers in Classroom Stakeholders Students- getting work done, social ability, easy note-taking, fact-checking,  better visibility of screen, immediate communication, focus on class  instructors,  Faculty: Effective teaching/student learning, save paper, avoid distractions,  academic integrity, learning environment, personal interaction, Ego Parents: increase kids’ performances, communication, financial tie, instruct  children tech expertise Computer Manufactures: sell more computers Campus Computer Services: reliable access Administrators: money, more applicants, enforcement Architectural/Organization Social Perspective
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Unformatted text preview: Abstraction/Modeling • Manage Complexities • Model: simplified representation of real world [Map] • Abstraction: remaining unnecessary detail • Levels/Layers of a extraction o Driving a car Transportation Policy Get to Destination Traffic Patterns Watching traffic What route to take Push gas, brake, turn wheel, Mechanics of car, steering, wheels, brakes Physics of a car • Similar Hierarchy for Computers o Applications Hard Drive getting full ETC, Control • what to do • What order Data • What to do it with Environment Context...
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ICS 10 - Abstraction/Modeling • Manage Complexities •...

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