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Justin Ng Tom Kruip ICS – 11:HW 7 C Top Internet Uses 1. Check Email 2. Web Surfing – IMBD, Yahoo 3. Facebook 4. Map Directions 5. School Related Searches 6. Youtube/Netflix 7. Take Notes In Class Level of Difficulty on iPad 1. It would be really easy to check email using the iPad because it has the personalized email application that you select and it automatically links you to your email. The User Interface for email is a little different than on the computer, but primarily serves the same functions, although typing on the IPad would be more difficult. 2. It would be fairly easy to surf the web as long as the site loaded properly to the screen size. The downside of the IPad’s internet functions rely on the fact that there is no mouse and you have to ensure that you are clicking the right links, and the IPad does not support flash. 3. Facebook is extremely easy because the application was made to be easy to use and functions much like the original version.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Map Direction would be great especially if you had 3G coverage for the iPad and you could search for direction no matter where you are. Plus they have a real time GPS Application which may in fact make the use of the iPad better. 5. It would help in a pinch but it is easier to search articles on a larger screen and easier to view the PDF on a Desktop or Laptop. 6. The IPad’s youtube system works primarily the same as the computer, and depending on your internet speed making the results in video quality primarily the same. The load time may differ as laptops have more processing speed than laptops. 7. The IPad’s touch screen keyboard would not be beneficial for taking notes because of the fact that there is no buttons to push which tends to lead to more error prone mistakes. The only good fact about taking notes on the Ipad would be the weight of dragging the IPad around in comparison to a full laptop....
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hw7c-jyng-tkruip - 4. Map Direction would be great...

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