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Justin Ng 73374903 Daniel Nguyen 26362225 https://sites.google.com/site/nguciics10/ 1. What did you find hardest or most confusing about this task? The hardest part of this task was gathering research. The google site website application made the building of the website very convenient and simple. Gathering important details about Frank Sherwood Rowland was hard as there are so many sources, but not all of the sources include the right information. 2. What differences in appearance, if any, did you notice when viewing
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Unformatted text preview: your page in different browsers? The only differences I noticed were the type of search bar and the size of the webpage that would alter the sidebar text. 3. What would you add to your site if you had the time and ability? If I had more time and ability, I would put a live blog feed that viewers can comment upon the subject or the website to get live feedback. I would also like to add a video introduction before entering the website....
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