week 9 - identities Huntingtons prediction These cultural...

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Week 9 23:36 Identity/Culture Primordial view Social Constructist o 1.Culture/ethnicity/Identity is very malleable o 2. Identity/Ethnicity is often the consequence of political struggles Culture and Conflict o Do cultural differences lead to conflict? Samuel Hunting: Clash of Civilizations Are distinct “civilizations” in the world, with different histories, beliefs,  and cultures Conflict among civilizations 1. Differences in civilizations are fundamental 2. Globalization: World gets smaller 3. Economic modernization is “separating people from local 
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Unformatted text preview: identities Huntingtons prediction These cultural differences will lead to greater global conflict: a clash of civilizations Perspectives on identity/culture o Bowen : myth of global ethnic conflict o Issue: there are many conflicts raging in developing countries Some of these conflicts involve ethnicity or cultural identity, BUT most are about getting more power, land, or other resources 23:36 23:36...
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week 9 - identities Huntingtons prediction These cultural...

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