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Math 53 Homework 1 Due Wednesday 9/1/10 in section Please note: Homework assignments for this class can be lengthy, but a lot of practice solving problems is essential for learning the material. Be organized, and don’t leave things for a marathon session on Tuesday night. Getting a good start on the homework over the weekend (or even earlier!) will help you prepare for quizzes, and let you identify the main conceptual diFculties so you can ask questions at Monday’s section meeting. You may check your answers to odd-numbered problems in the back of the book, but you need to turn in solutions, not just answers. You may discuss the homework problems with your classmates, but you must write your solutions on your own . I am aware that it is not hard to ±nd solutions manuals on the internet. Copying said solutions on a homework assignment will result in a negative grade for that assignment. (It also won’t help you learn the material). The problems in parentheses are for extra practice and
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