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Ethnography & Lesson - te408 spring 2011 1 Name...

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Name: Christina Zinkel Grade Level: 8 th Grade U.S. History Date of Lesson: 2/18/10 Length of Lesson: 50 minutes Lesson Title: Black History-Athletes te408 spring 2011 TE 408 Lesson Plan Template 1. Enduring Understanding: The enduring understanding should represent a “big idea” that has value beyond the classroom. It goes beyond discrete facts or skills to focus on larger concepts, principle or processes. The enduring understanding is applicable to new situations within or beyond the subject. 1. I wanted students to learn about athletes they hadn’t heard of before and the accomplishments and struggle that they went through to pave the way for athletes today. Since they worked on the project in pairs I made sure that either student in the pair did not know of the athlete so that the story would be new to them. 2. Essential Question: The essential question(s) should give rise to the content knowledge of the lesson and focus your instruction. The essential question(s) should connect the different activities of your lesson, avoiding superficial or purposeless coverage of content. 2. What do they already know about this topic? How can I increase that knowledge? 3.
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Ethnography & Lesson - te408 spring 2011 1 Name...

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