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PHL writing assignment 3 - Christina Zinkel Professor...

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Christina Zinkel Professor Peterson PHL 353 Writing Assignment 3 Part I: Quotations (3) People must be able to recognize the faults in institutions and be inspired to fight against injustices through nonviolent means. Westboro Baptist Church is a religious institution and if it were to receive letters of disapproval for its hateful views of minority groups that would be an example of a nonviolent protest. This act would be nonviolent because it challenges the discrimination against a group of people who are being attacked while respecting the views of others. (5) The principal of nonviolence can be a way of life and is only noticed when problems arise. The concept is not as valuable without constant practice. If a person always wears a purple coat and wearing purple coats becomes illegal. That person could wear their purple coat with no intention of harming anyone, it just might be the only coat they have. It is not a violent act because it is not meant to do harm. The person did not change their intent but a problem occurred and it is not always a bad thing to go against institutions for nonviolent purposes if they are discriminating against purple coat wearers. (6) Violence comes in many and multiple forms. Once institutionalized it becomes common and
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PHL writing assignment 3 - Christina Zinkel Professor...

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