phl exam 1 - Christina Zinkel Part 1 Human nature has been...

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Christina Zinkel Part 1: Human nature has been categorized as either aggressive or unifying. The instinct at a given moment for a human is based upon a reaction to externalities around that person. War occurs as a result of change. The ultimate goal of warfare is to win the battle for reasons ranging from prestige to possessiveness. Often it occurs as a balance of power in response to the original change. Civilizations are composed of a group of people with a commonality. This group works together for the better of the group or conflict arises tearing the group apart. Part 2: 2. Mead states that war is an invention of humanity because it gives people a framework within which to work out their problems in a way that is easily understood by outsiders to a conflict. Since the tactics of warfare are constantly changing, new social invention is said to have a place within this morphing idea because better ideas come about replacing the old. Since the world is constantly changing it is hard to dispute this idea, especially because new inventions have been a key aid to warfare along with new methods which come with them. Along with inventions of war there are many of peace as well. Within Barack Obama’s peace speech he mentioned the great importance of international organizations in trying to establish a greater peace and the strides that new peaceful innovation can make.
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3. Freud seems to discuss conflict as a never ending cycle. Humans are always being
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phl exam 1 - Christina Zinkel Part 1 Human nature has been...

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