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English:Short Fiction Class Notes

English:Short Fiction Class Notes - debts-Parents reaction...

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English 260 Class Notes 4/18 “Metamorphosis” Franz Kafka - abject (abjection) Julia Kristera o learn what’s acceptable for each culture, and then we “abject” any actions/ideas that are unacceptable, ex: little boys reject playing with dolls - story as a parable? o Live each day to the fullest? o Live for yourself? Dad had money saved up, but still made Gregor work to pay off the family
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Unformatted text preview: debts -Parents reaction to him as a bug disgusting bc they have no sympathy for him and do no try and help him? Or understandable because he is vermin?-This story as a “coming out” of Kafka as a gay man o Damage to his back backside? o Queer Theory o Parent’s reactions...
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