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com 391 pope reading questions

com 391 pope reading questions - • Shared a need to...

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Com 391 Reading Questions for Pope at al. Article: ?he Adonis Complex” How do they describe the Adonis complex? Men unhappy with their bodies an array of usually secret, but surprisingly common, body image concerns of boys and men These concerns range from minor annoyances to devastating and sometimes even life-threatening obsessions--from manageable dissatisfaction to full-blown psychiatric body image disorders. Who does the Adonis complex affect? Millions of boy and men--and inevitably, the women in their lives What is the double bind of male body image? What are similarities between men suffering from muscle dysmorphia and people suffering from anorexia? People with anorexia see themselves as fat when they're actually too thin; people with muscle dysmorphia feel ashamed of looking too small when they're actually big.
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Unformatted text preview: • Shared a need to exercise every day, shame about their body image, feelings of being too fat, dislike of their bodies, and often, lifetime histories of anxiety and depression. • Both often risk self destruction • Be able to describe sources of the obsession. • Biologically based component • inherit a chemical predisposition to developing obsessive-compulsive symptoms • Psychological • obsessive and compulsive behavior stems, in part at least, from one's experiences growing up, such as being teased • Society • plays a powerful and increasing role, by constantly broadcasting messages that “real man” have big muscles • What are some of the effects of using steroids?...
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