Marketing Notes Test 3

Marketing Notes Test 3 - -advocacy advertising-message...

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-Honda Cog commercial – expensive commercial -Coco Chanel Commercial with Nicole Kidman -Marketing Mix- promotion mix -advertising -appeals/approaches-rational + emotional -emotional-sexual, humor (30% of all commercials), fear (concern) -AIDA Model -attention, interest, desire, action -Hierarchy of Effects -Create awareness->inform the market->create desire ->encourage “trial”->buy again loyalty -non personal communication, paid for by an identified sponsor, to persuade, inform, and remind an audience -convey rich and dynamic images, establish and reinforce brand identity, communicate information, remind customer to buy -product advertising-message focuses on a specific product -institution (corporate) advertising- message focuses on activities, personality, or point of view of a company
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Unformatted text preview: -advocacy advertising-message focuses on promoting an idea or cause-public service advertisements (PSAs)-developing the campaign-identify the target market-establish objectives-message-budget-design ad campaign-pretest campaign-choose media and schedules-advertising appeals-rational-emotional-fear, sexual, humor-internet advertising-banners, buttons, search engine marketing, pop up ads, email (permission marketing, spamming)-PR-attempts to influence the attitudes and perceptions of consumers, stockholders, and other stakeholders toward companies, brands, politicians, celebrities, not for profit organizations (pro-active PR and re-active PR)--Sales Promotion-Direct Marketing-Personal Selling-customer focus-profitability-segmentation-IMC...
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Marketing Notes Test 3 - -advocacy advertising-message...

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