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Notes091010 - -don’t use stats when restating...

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Title page includes: -title -author -university -header -running head -page number Abstract -summarizes entire study -research question -clearly state hypothesis -methods used -results -implications (why this study is important) -formatting -2 nd page -“Abstract” -centered -bolded -top of page -not indented -1 paragraph -150 words or less -12 pt font -1 inch margins -double-spaced Discussion section -purpose: evaluate and interpret results -explain meaning of the results -transition from talking about your variables at the operational definition level back to the conceptual level -restate main findings
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Unformatted text preview: -don’t use stats when restating results-both operational definition level and construct level-explanations-your explanation-alternative explanations-relate findings to at least 1 study listed in the intro section-limitations-strengths and weaknesses-validity-reliability-include at least one strength and one weakness-college students, 18-24 years old, Caucasians, females > males-next step or do-over?-should stem from explanations and limitations-conclusion paragraph (recap)-research question-obtained results-why is this study important...
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