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April 1, 2011 Vocalics (Part II) Non-sounds o Pauses – one person’s speech Speech latency – between two people Unfilled pauses People see filled pauses as less stylized, decreases impression If you are more fluent, you are perceived as more professional, etc or that you are guilty (rehearsed) If you extend the speech latency before your turn, your partner will do the same – slow down Silence Functions Really influenced by the content – hard to tell meaning on its own Extra-linguistic Features
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Unformatted text preview: o Have to hear the person talk for a while to determine o Rate, rhythm o Duration of speech o Dialect & accent o Attractive voices Attractive voice qualities: Moderate high volume More articulation More resonance Less monotonous Less nasality Lower pitch in males, moderate pitch for female Halo effect with vocal attractiveness o More open, agreeable, honest, lest neurotic. o Unpleasant voice Qualities Tense Nasal Flat/monotone Thin Throaty...
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