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Professor Cornelia B. Horn / THEO 220: Intro to NT / Fall 2009 / Study Guide / Exam 3 - 1 - THEO 220: INTRODUCTION TO THE NEW TESTAMENT; STUDY GUIDE; EXAM THREE Your sources: textbook (Harris); notes taken during in-class lectures; discussions; notes taken on PowerPoint presentation; and your reflections on the material we covered. The exam will pick up from Gospel of John and go up to the material covered through 12/7/09. I expect you to have read in the textbook through chapter 21. Components of the Exam: Part I. True and False Questions Part II. Multiple choice. Part III. Short explanations / definitions. Be prepared to answer some or all of the following “w” questions for the relevant item: Who? When? Where? What (what is it, did what, wrote what, said what, what does concept mean, etc.)? Why important? Data Pool: Logos; the Beloved Disciple; Paraclete; Holy Spirit; high Christology ; relationship between Gospel of John and Synoptics; material found only in Gospel of John; incarnation ; John’s view of realized eschatology; Docetism; Gnosticism; Book of Signs / Signs Gospel; Jesus’ “I Am” Sayings ; Nicodemus ; the Samaritan Woman ; Water and Blood in John’s presentation of the crucifixion; apocryphal; orthodoxy; heresy ; Gospel of Thomas; Nag Hammadi ; Gospel of Judas
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Study_Guide-3rd_Test - Professor Cornelia B. Horn / THEO...

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