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Letter or Aristeas – story of Septuigent and writings of 70 monks (pg 11?) Temple Structure: Holy of Holies: surrounding Holy of Holies was place where priests only could go, and then inside only one priest could go in one day a year – yom kippur Pseudopigraphical – Letters from Paul - Longest first, shortest at the end – all addressed to communities Eusebeus – writing church history Hymns of Zeus: pg 72 –
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Unformatted text preview: Ireneous of Lyon bishop in Southern France who was very interested in keeping unity and purity in the church (due to the increase in different doctrines, etc)especially those of the Gnostics Promotes the usage of only 4 gospels as part of the canon. Christos Messiah The Anointed One The ancient ritual of being anointed with oil for kings 323 Alexander the Great dies...
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