New rule reserves land for farmers

New rule reserves land for farmers - New rule reserves land...

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New rule reserves land for farmers (SCMP) Developers to lose 10pc in each deal Klaudia Lee Sep 07, 2007 A new land policy in Guangdong that requires developers to reserve 10 to 15 per cent of farmland acquired in land deals for affected farmers could provide them with a sustainable living, experts say. While admitting the new measure would not completely solve the problems faced by farmers, they say it would at least provide a means of living for those unable to switch to other jobs because of age or other reasons. The new policy, which could be extended nationwide, is part of a series of initiatives unveiled by the Guangdong government this week to offer social security to farmers who lose their land in property deals. About 1.4 million farmers in the province are expected to benefit from the new policy. Previously, peasants have generally been compensated for their land with one-off payments, which critics say are often inadequate for their needs. Liu Xiaoling , a professor at the South China Agricultural University, said the lump sums paid to
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