History paper - Since this paper will be discussing the...

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Since this paper will be discussing the changes that were brought about during the French occupation and colonization in Algeria it is only appropriate to first discuss the state of Algeria while was still part of the Ottoman empire. The two main changes I will be discussing are the native code, and the assimilation of Algerian Jews into French citizenship.These are two of the most significant changes during the time of French col- onization because they seemed to work together to tear apart what little a nation Algeria was at the time the French arrived. Here was the Crémieux Decree that chose a select a specific sample of the population of algeria to offer the privilege of citizenship to, while later passing a code which was nothing other then a set of oppressive laws that applied to the rest of the population. Despite how both changes seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, in the end both groups were never treated as equals compared to native French citizens. Before the French arrived, Algeria was a part of the Ottoman empire. One of the most important aspects to discuss and compare is the social system before the French invaded. “In accordance with the millet system applied throughout the Ottoman Empire, each ethnic group--Turks, Arabs, Kabyles, Berbers, Jews, Europeans--was represented by a guild that exercised legal jurisdiction over its constituents” 1 . This aspect of society in Algeria that was present during the Ottoman empire is an important aspect because it pertains to a social balance between different ethnic groups that coexisted in Algeria at the time. This social balance is lost during French rule under the Crémieux Decree and the natives code that will both be discusses later in this paper. The Jewish population in Algeria became dramatically transformed when Jews came from Spain and Portugal. They often came with some arrogance thinking they 1Algeria: a country study, Library of Congress Country Study,Ottoman Rule
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were batter then the native jews. This creates certain divisions among the Jewish com-
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History paper - Since this paper will be discussing the...

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