sheet 3 Qs - ME1331 Problem Sheet 3 Dr M K Darwish 1...

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ME1331 Problem Sheet 3 Dr. M. K. Darwish 1) Calculate the load current, load voltage, load power, diode power, and total power in the opposite circuit using: (a) Ideal-diode approximation. (b) Second approximation. (c) Third approximation where the 1N4001 has a bulk resistance of 0.23 . (10mA, 10V, 100mW, 0W, 100mW) (9.3mA, 9.3V, 86.5mW, 6.51mW, 93mW) (9.3mA, 9.3V, 86.5mW, 6.53mW,,93mW) 2) Which approximation would you use in the circuits below if the bulk resistance of the 1N4001 is 0.23 ? Why? 3) What value should R be in the opposite figure to set up a diode current of 0.25mA? (~22 k ) 4) Sketch and discuss the principles of operation of the following circuits: (a) Voltage Doubler. (b) Voltage Tripler. (c) Voltage Quadrupler. (d) Combination Limiter. (e) Positive and Negative dc clampers. Which one of the above circuits can be used as a peak-to-peak detector? 10V 1N4001 1k 10V 1N4001 0.5 2V 1N4001 1k 90V 1N4001 1k +12V R 5k 30k Please turn the page
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5) Is the zener diode in the opposite circuit
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sheet 3 Qs - ME1331 Problem Sheet 3 Dr M K Darwish 1...

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